• James Hewlett

License to Ill

This is just a nice little river bank and bridge in Wareham, the tide was super high today though.

Urgh… Yeah, so I feel like absolute toilet today. I’ve got a horrible cold. I don’t get ill often, I think I jinxed myself by telling someone who was complaining about ‘freshers flu’ that the other day.

I woke up feeling a bit poo yesterday but figured I was just a bit hungover from my impromptu drunken writing session Wednesday night. Maybe thats how it started but I’d dulled my immune system so my long day that involved work, a busy train, walking through London, a packed wrestling show, sprinting through London and sitting on a train floor all the way home probably is what actually got me sick. I toughed it out today though (hold your applause, please) despite my hold body feeling tingly and on edge and my head alternating which holes it will let me breath out of. Work was relatively easy for a Friday and I’m now say on the sofa installing the Battlefront 2 beta while Sara finishes up at work and has a quick drink. I know she’s pretty exhausted too so I think an nice lazy evening is in store. I look forward to a niiiice long lay in tomorrow too. None of this running around trying to find audio equipment this week!

Super attractive picture of me today.

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