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Drinking Problems

Welcome to the weekend edition #1

I feel like I want to do something a little different on the weekends but I don’t really know what yet, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

For now it’s just going to be a regular post I guess.

I think I have a drinking problem.

Don’t worry I’m not getting that deep. I don’t think I have an alcohol problem, though thats not really for me to say… I do enjoy a drink.

No, I’ve known people with alcohol problems and I definitely don’t have that. My drinking is a lot more nerdy, like most of my passions, I like trying and checking out new beers and bars. Then getting obsessed with one and drinking it… a lot. Please wait while I go get myself a nice cold Big Wave.

Ahh, much better. (Editors Note! That was the case when I wrote this not when I’m posting it… I’m still ill.)

What I was actually talking about is something I think probably afflicts a lot of people without them even realising. Hell, I didn’t realise not until recently when I was listening to The Gameover Greggy podcast and Tim Gettys was talking about his ‘drinking problem.’

What I share with Tim is an inability to let a drink sit without constantly sipping away. It’s bad enough if I have a glass of something in front of me but god forbid I’m having to hold my drink.

My wife can have a glass of Coke or a cup of tea sit for hours before she finishes it, or in the case of the tea has to top it up with another hot one.

If I only drank water my ‘problem’ would be the exact opposite, I’d flush my system as much as I flushed the toilet! Maybe I’ll try and make an effort to get a nice cold glass of water in future. I think I need to get a filtered jug to go in the fridge, thats the main reason I don’t go for water more often, it’s just not cold enough for my tastes out of the tap.

Food (or water?) for thought.

I’ll catch you all back here tomorrow.

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