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Running (wo)Man

Writing this I’m sat on a bit of scaffolding on Bournemouth beach. Sara is just warming up as she’s about to run her second 5k in a month.

It's not exactly big surf but I am still very jealous.

That is an amazing feat for someone who would struggle to stand for more than an hour at a time not too long ago!

Five years ago Sara was working at a pub right on the front at Poole Quay. We hadn’t been together too long, a few months. That said I had already moved into her flat. That happened pretty much the first week we got together and I took over the tenancy a couple of months later as she was going to be moving for this new job.

The job ended up not at all being what it was sold as so she never really moved out and we ended up staying in that flat for over a year.

So one day in early summer she was collecting glasses from the tables outside, it was a horrendously windy day, and one of the giant umbrellas whipped up out of a table and smashed squarely across her lower back as she was reaching over a table!

An ambulance came and had a quick look at her but said she would be fine after resting it for a week or so… yeah, right. Looong story short, after years of terrible medical attention, legal action, more medical negligence and finally some accurate diagnosis and physical therapy she started getting better.

So earlier in the year Sara decided that, with some training, she was feeling fit enough to try to run the 5k at the New Forest Marathon. She had been a competitive long distance runner as a kid and so at first wanted to jump straight into a 10k but I was able to suggest that she not try and push her back too much for her first one back.

She set herself a training schedule, mostly kept to it, and at the start of September she completed it in about half an hour. I was so proud of her but more importantly she was so proud of herself! Before the end of the day, hell I think it was on the car ride home, she had found out that the Bournemouth marathon was only three weeks away and decided that she wanted to do another run!

So that’s what she’s doing right now while I watch the surfers! Man I miss that, I only surfed once in Hawaii but I loved it.

I want to be more active. Next year I’m running this next year. Writing this will keep me motivated! Feel free to send me messages shaming my fat ass to go outside and run.

Quick update, Sara finished and shaved 5 mins off her personal best! Not bad for a girl who came straight from work! My wife rocks!

Doing a happy dance.

That’s one week in the books! I’ll see you tomorrow for the start of week two!

Lets go Colts!

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