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Sunday Night Football

Ooooh Sunday night. What a tense night of NFL was had for the Hewlett’s!

I’m a big time Colts fan and this season we’ve sucked. No, that’s not fair, we’ve been plagued with injuries and poor head coach decision making. The team has done there best but until last night had a 1-4 record. With that one win coming against the winless Cleveland Browns. Last week we came real close to beating the Seahawks but a few mistakes led to frustrations which led to further mistakes that cost us the game.

So this week the Colts were hosting the 49ers who have also yet to get a win this year. I was feeling good, it was a winnable game and would help keep any semblance of hope alive for a positive season.

When watching at home, we have our fantasy football scores on the laptops.

As the game went on I was feeling okay until right near the end of the game when we were in possession and less than ten yards away from a touchdown that would have comfortably sealed up our lead. I would have settled for a field goal at the late stage in the game. Unfortunately our second string QB, who had been faultless all game, threw for the end zone and was intercepted. My heart sank.

Thankfully, in overtime our defence stepped up and was able to make some big stops and our 44 year old kicker was able to score a game winning 51 yard field goal!

I was jumping for joy but there was no time to spare, the game had gone long and Sara’s game had already begun. Since it was on Sky we were unable to watch it at home and were quickly on our way to her bar in town to watch it there.

The Packers/Cowboys games of the last few years have been intense! Between controversial catch/non catches, to penalties that might not be penalties to hail Mary throws as time expires. These games have always felt important and high stakes.

Sara is so passionate about the Cowboys, I love it. She was a fan before we saw them at AT&T Stadium in Dallas but from the moment we entered that stadium her fandom has been something else.

So there we are in the pub watching, theres a fair few other people about wearing they’re jerseys and caps but not as into the games by half. There was also a good number of non fans about too. We got asked a couple of different times if we were American because of our enthusiasm, I got a kick out of that!

It was a tense game, Cowboys had the lead until the fourth quarter but the Packers won it, yet again, with second left on the clock. Aaron Rodgers is without a doubt the best fourth quarter quarterback in the NFL and that team will be very competitive in January.

The elation, to heartbreak, to hope, to pacing around not able to sit still. Sara’s passion and investment in her team is as high as anyone in Dallas and that is saying something!

I love the NFL, it’s the only sport I follow, but I do believe it to be the greatest sport in the world.

When watching at the bar we watch another game on the laptop.

I had planned another post for today but decided to delay it due to a certain trailer dropping tomorrow and the timing for the post making more sense! See you then.

Oh, we just got back from Blade Runner 2049, it was awesome!

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