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RTX London Part 1

The cable car over the docklands is a nice fun ride at night!

Another week, another another trip to London, this will be a bit of a theme this month I think.

I’m not alone in my travelling this time though, Sara is in the car with me. We were thinking we'd get a train and start day time drinking early, but after looking at it, the cheapest train would take more than three hours and require multiple changes and ball ache. The quicker train would still require a change and would have cost us £90. Add on the cost of an uber to and from the station and it suddenly becomes a damn expensive form of travel.

Sure the car ride is still going to take about two and a half hours and yes, we are going to end up paying £64 to park for the four days, but at least we can do stuff at are own pace and not rush about.

Why are we going to the big smoke? Well, we are on our way to the first ever RTX London!

RTX is the name of the convention held by and for Rooster Teeth, the online production company based out of Austin, TX. They started the con in 2011 in a field at the back of what was then their office. At the time they had maybe twenty employees but had been making video content for seven years already, back to a time before YouTube. They have always had a very strong community of fans who are so engaged with the product and supportive not just of the company but of each other as well. Its really great to read some of the stories that people share of connections they’ve made through that fanbase.

So in 2011 they had their first official convention, they planned to sell 200 tickets but the website crashed and they ended up selling 500 before they could put a stop to it. Since then it has grown larger and larger each year and every year Sara and I have endeavoured to go. In 2016 they had their first international show, heading to Sydney and have since made that an annual event and as of this year, RTX London is now a thing too!

I’m not expecting it to be AS big or crazy as Austin, but I’m cool with that, it’s a first time show and its basically in our back yard so I’m sure this will become an annual trip for us.

We’ve booked a hotel room right at the foot of the Excel Centre steps which should be super convenient for coming and going when we want to.

Sara and I have enough con experience to know roughly what to expect, we’re hoping to get into a couple of particular panels and understand that that will require us waiting on line for a while before hand. My biggest hope is that the UK Rooster Teeth community lives up to its American counterpart, I think that will be the make or break the weekend.

Our good friend Ed is coming to the event too, so it’ll be fun to go out with him in London Friday and Saturday night to get some good food and beers. We’re going to try and find a cool place to catch some NFL Sunday evening after the con.

My updates over the weekend my be a bit shorter as I’m going to be pretty busy, but I’ll give a full write up of my experiences on Monday!

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