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Weekend Edition #2

Standing next to Jeremy Dooley makes me feel tall(ish)

Two weeks in the books!

So far I’ve tried to write a bit more than a few sentence update each day and I do intent to carry on doing that where possible. There will be days in the future though where the update will be mostly the pictures though, with just a very quick update on life.

I thought it was important to get a good footing of posts in out the gate, I have my rhythm of when I’m writing and stuff down now. I’m trying to get ahead, or at least note down ideas, on more longer form pieces. I’d like to always have at least a few banked.

I’ve been making sure I write at least something each day, whether it be that days update, one to bank or just some ideas for future posts. Its nice having the structure, it definitely keeps me motivated.

So yeah, todays post has been kind of meta. It’s all about my process here in the early days of this project. I hope those of you who’re reading it are enjoying it, but as I said right from the start, it really is mostly a selfish endeavour, I’m getting what I want out of it so I guess thats what matters.

I’ll say this though, if theres a thing that you want to do, be it creative, constructive, something to help you with your personal life… do it. Don’t do it for anyone else, do it for you. You’ll know if there is something you want to do and I would love to hear all about it.

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