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RTX Recap!

RTX London 2017 is in the books. What a great weekend! My feet ache, I’m tired, I spent probably way too much money and ate like shit for three days, but damn did I have have an awesome time!

The event ran Saturday and Sunday but we had planned ahead so we got there Friday afternoon. We followed Waze directions up there and chose an ever so slightly longer route as we didn’t want to pay the City of London congestion charge for only passing through. We got taken on the most bizarre route I have ever taken into London. Who knew there were single track country roads inside the M25!? I was under the assumption that it was all one big paved carpark.

We got there, checked into our hotel, which was right outside the front door of the convention centre, and went to go pick up our badges from registration. On our way up we ran into Chad from Screw Attack, one of the guests of the event. We was super friendly and genuinely seemed eager to engage with us. It was a great start, but we completely forgot to get him to sign anything or get a picture with him. We picked up our badges and then headed out. After grabbing a drink with a friend who was also attending we decided to go find some food.

On our way in we had seen the cable car linking the docklands from the Excell to The 02 arena, it looked like fun and we knew we’d at least find a good bar on the other side so took a sky ride.

Turns out there is a shit load more at The 02 than just the arena. Its full of bars and restaurants. We settled on some lovely Thai food and then headed back to the hotel so that we would be fresh and ready for the day ahead.

I’m not going to go through the entire weekend beat by beat. It would be boring for anyone who wasn’t there and if you were there you had your own experiences. We both had an amazing time though, we were lucky enough to get into a few of the major panels. From talking to other attendees, we seemingly got into way more than most people. The show itself, despite being the tenth RTX overall, had a lot of ‘first year problems.’ The guardians were good for the most part, but a few were clearly inexperienced and ended up being more of a hinderance than a help. The show floor was fine, but with it being a first year event in England I get the feeling they struggled selling exhibitor booths and there for it did feel like you could quite quickly run out of things to do if you weren’t in a panel. This led to people lining up for panels a lot earlier than anyone had anticipated for and a lot of congestion and disappointment from people not getting into the things they were hoping to see. Having limited space in the convention centre itself didn’t help matters, but its a catch twenty two when they needed more space for the number of attendees but potentially couldn’t even fill the exhibitor booths for the space they had.

All of these are teething problems I fully expect the will have sorted for next year and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are having to turn potential exhibitors away due to demand. They’ll have at least one more applying… more on that closer to the time though eh?

We both managed to get to the autograph sessions. We had thought we would end up skipping them as the times clashed with something else we wanted to see and we weren’t necessarily there to get autographs. But as we were able to watch what we wanted to from the line to the meet and greets we decided we would. It ended up being a great choice, not for the signatures, but for the opportunity to chat to a few people who are big influences and inspirations to us both. Even getting to meet Ellie, Burnie Burns assistant, was a lot of fun as her and Sara are both Bournemouth University graduates (there was even an awkward bow/curtsy thing, it was weird!) and she used to frequent a club I DJ’d at. We ran into a few other Rooster Teeth personalities throughout the weekend all of whom were really great and gracious with their time. We even ran into Chad again in the street, all of us were fairly drunk at this point but we did rectify our mistake from the day before and got a picture with him.

Saturday night, after the con, we went for drinks and a late meal at Reds True Barbecue in Shoreditch. It’s a favourite of Sara and I’s and Ed, Becca and Alex were all up for trying it too.

Rooster Teeth are based in the barbecue capital of the world; Austin, Texas, so it just felt thematically right to eat the best version of that that we can get in England. We had a fun time hanging out with them all weekend. Ed often feels like our adopted adult child and always awesome and I can definitely say he has good friends beside us!

While most people left after the show on Sunday we had another night booked in our hotel and it meant we could relax and take our time leaving this morning. I’m glad we did this, having to pack up and travel back immediately would have been even more exhausting. We spent Sunday night in the hotel bar with our NFL jerseys on shouting at my laptop screen as we watched a crazy night of football. We probably got some looks from all the hairdressers in the bar (there was a trade show on at the same time in the convention centre… it was a weird mix to have.) but we were having fun.

The drive back today was really painless, we managed to avoid almost all traffic. The rest of the day has been just chilling out and catching up on rest. Back to the real world tomorrow.

I got loads of good photos over the weekend but looking back over them it really makes me think, “wow thats a good photo, I just wish I didn’t have that podge keeping it from being great.” I really am going to make more of an effort to get rid of my chunkier bits.

There was a weird and cool colour outside all day today.

I love the passion of Rooster Teeth community, its a special type of fandom. I look forward to being at RTX London 2018 and seeing how it has grown.

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