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Rogue Squadron

If you're not super into Star Wars, you can probably skip todays entry.

You can't really tell from the picture, but we've had some cool sky colour the last couple of days.

Star Wars Rebels came back this week, when they announced that this very good animated series would be ending after season 4 (the right move… you don’t want to go too long on a show like that) my mind starting wondering what the next show would be. I’m pretty sure they already announced that they’re working on something but would probably be holding off on saying exactly what until closer to release. My guess would be we’ll find out near the end of Rebels.

Me being me and my love of the old Rogue Squadron books got my mind racing about how you could take elements from them and adapt them into a kid friendly animated show firmly in the new canon of Star Wars. My pitch requires Rebels to end on a pretty dark note. This is what I’ve got:

The show is going to follow Rebels and like that series followed The Clone Wars, Rogue Squadron should jump ahead to the time period after A New Hope. Red Squadron was almost completely wiped out with Luke and Wedge being the only survivors of the attack on the Death Star so a new fighter squadron is required to fill the Alliance’s ranks.

The core cast would be put together in the first episode; Luke and Wedge return from a recruiting mission on Tatooine and Admiral Ackbar approaches the two hot shot pilots about leading a new group.

Luke, while humbled to be offered the leadership role after only being with the Rebellion for a short time, wishes to differ to Wedge as he has more experience. In private he explains to Wedge and Liea that he cannot commit the time to leading the squadron as he needs to be pursing his Jedi training. Wedge suggests that he will handle the day to day leadership but that Luke has the command when he’s present. Liea agrees as they also need to use Luke as they’re new poster boy.

Having been recruited into the Rebellion at the same time as Wedge they first person he approaches about joining the new squadron is Derek ‘Hobbie’ Kilvian, the brash but skeptical pilot. He acts as Antillies’ XO and is often the one offering objections or alternatives.

Tycho Celchu, a native of Alderaan, is a recent addition to the Rebellion and is eager to join the new group. He defected from the Imperial Navy where he was regarded highly as a ruthless pilot.

His enthusiasm is welcomed by Wedge but Hobbie doesn’t trust him, remembering stories he heard while at the Imperial Academy. His true loyalty will be a sub-plot through the show.

Wedge recruits the sniper Wes Janson from a Rebel commando unit, while a competent pilot, his true talents lie in his shooting ability and his knack for working with computers.

At the suggestion of Luke Skywalker, Wedge brings in the young Gavin Darklighter, whom they recruited earlier on Tatooine. Gavin has a reputation for being a goof pilot but has no combat experience what so ever. Wedge assigns him to fly as Hobbie’s wingman to keep him safe. He has a soft spot for the kid due to him being the cousin of his fallen friend Biggs.

Rounding out the core cast would be Corran Horn. A vaguely familiar looking pilot who mostly keeps quiet and to himself, spending more time with his droid Whistler than the other pilots. He claims to be from Correlia and has a bit too convenient back story. Wedge is suspicious but is reassured by Mon Mothma that the young man is 100% committed to the cause.

A part of the main cast of characters but not of Rogue Squadron would be Mirrax Terrik, a smuggler who Wedge has known since childhood. While her business is far from legal she provides the group with a lot of valuable information and is very much one of the good guys.

Winter, an Alderaanian survivor and close personal friend of Princess Liea acts as the groups main liaison to Rebel Command. She is the first person to fully trust Tycho due to their shared recent loss. A romance will blossom between the two but will be tested when his loyalties are questioned later.

At the end of the first episode it would be revealed to the audience and Wedge that Corran Horn is in fact Ezra Bridger from Rebels. Wedge figures this out as Corran is flying has his wingman and uses the force to save Wedge’s life. Having survived the horrible fate that came to Kanan and presumably other members of that team, Ezra is keeping his force powers hidden as best he can, even from Luke and makes Wedge promise to not tell the others as it would put them all in unnecessary amounts of danger. Whistler is in fact Chopper repainted. General Syndulla checks in on the squadron occasionally but her and Ezra mostly stay apart as it is too painful for them to relive the horrors they faced together.

The series would theoretically take place in the years between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back. The main villain, at least for the first season, could be Baron Soontir Fel of the Imperial Navy and his 181st Fighter Squadron. Cold and ruthless, they seemingly always know where Rogue Squadron is going to be striking. This leads to an inciting incident which builds distrust in Tycho.

Further connections to Rebels could come from the Mandolorians being invaded by the Chiss Ascendancy and requiring support from Rogue Squadron, but now I’m just spit balling ideas.

Wow that got super nerdy but god damn do I want to see that get made.

I'll see you tomorrow.

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