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Equity for Punks!

I like beer. I like Brewdog beers, I really like Brewdog bars and I like their business ethics and style.

Last year they ran their ‘Equity for Punks IV’ round of fundraising and I was very eager to sign up and become an investor. At the time all our money was going towards to wedding and honeymoon though so I couldn’t commit to it. The Southampton bar opened just after we got back and, of course, I was there opening night. I was chatting to one of the higher up guys from the company and he was saying that he expected there to be one more round of fundraising next year (which is this year) and that was likely to be the last one. At least in its current incarnation.

I said to myself right then and there that when it came back around I would absolutely invest, so this morning when they announced and went live with ‘Equity for Punks V’ I was right on it and am now a proud shareholder in Brewdog.

I’m not going to go into all the perks and the whole thing, I’ll just link you to it. If you are interested in investing though, use my referral code,


Man, I've had this song in my head all day. Great album...

Just a short update today, yesterdays got kinda long winded.

See you tomorrow.

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