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I’m a kid of the late 1980’s, I grew up in the nineties. The name Spielberg for me is synonymous with film. I’d venture a guess that I knew who Steven Spielberg was before I knew who George Lucas was despite being a gigantic Star Wars fan. Star Wars was always bigger than just one man to me, even before I realised it. But when Jurassic Park was being promoted and due for release in 1993 I was dying to learn everything I could, just like every other six year old in the world. I’d been shown the Indiana Jones films by that point and so when my dad explained to me that the man who made them was also making Jurassic Park I was amazed and had to find out if this baseball cap wearing genius had made anything else. In the run up to release I watched ET, which I liked but never loved and Close Encounters, which I think I was a bit young for and a lot of it went over my head. I’m sure I’d also seen Hook when it came out to rent and I had enjoyed that a lot too. As the years went on I was always aware of the new Spielberg film when it was coming. I’m pretty sure he's as responsible as anyone for my love of cinema. Which I’m sure is a feeling common among a hell of a lot of people. I’m currently watching the Jaws blu ray and it is astounding how good a film thats over forty years old can still look this good. The same can be said for the Close Encounters blu ray. I pretty much only buy fancy super special editions of physical media these days but these two, along with the Indiana Jones trilogy and Jurassic Park all have a very special place on my shelf. That said, with the new Apple TV 4K plugged in just over there I could definitely see myself buying any and all remasters that are released in that format. I’ve not seen all his films, there are some glaring omissions for sure. I thought about doing a deep dive and watching everything chronologically but looking through the list of things I’ve not seen… I’m not in any rush. With that in mind, I give to you my totally off the top of my head, completely subjective and surely terrible top ten Steven Spielberg movies. Purely based on my enjoyment, not actual quality.

  1. Jurassic Park

  2. Indiana Jone & The Last Crusade

  3. Jaws

  4. Raiders of the Lost Ark

  5. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  6. Catch Me If You Can

  7. Saving Private Ryan

  8. Munich

  9. Minority Report

  10. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Thats all for today. What are your favourite Spielberg movies? Let me know.

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