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Quick Hits #1

Today is going to just be a few scattered thoughts and stuff, not a full length post. I’ll probably end up doing these types of updates once a week or so. It’s a good way of just getting a few things out there without going in depth of any of them. I could always revisit something if I have more to say.

We have a lot of junk food in our kitchen at the moment. So much for losing weight this week.

I think people really need to be more conscious of not just what they say, but how they say it too. If people took a couple of seconds to read back what they’ve just written in a message or whatever, then think about how it may come across to the person reading it, it would prevent a lot of conflict, pain, upset and misunderstanding. We’re all guilty of doing it at some point or another, its a symptom of our always connected lives. Do me a favour though, please, next time you might feel the need to say something to someone; take a split second and think about how you want it to come off. And don’t be a hypocrite. Be mindful of other peoples feelings.

I’ve been on facebook for eleven years today. I was notified of this by my friend Gemma who got me to sign up in the first place. It was such a different platform back then. Not just in style and design but in function. Reading a couple of my earliest things I posted on there, I was dubious right from the start. I’ve never really liked it, but I do see its benefits as well as its many many problems. I could do without all the nonsense on there, we’ve got Reddit for that people, get it together, and I’ve trimmed my contacts down to people I actually want to be in contact with. This could probably be even smaller to be honest. I try not to use it for anything other than promotion and making plans. I’m sure I don’t pop up on 90% of peoples news feeds and I’m totally okay with that. I think this is a bigger topic for another time, but it was fascinating seeing how much my hair has changed over eleven years!

This Sunday Sara and I are going to the Cardinals Rams game at Twickenham, not been to a game yet this season so I’m really looking forward to it. Also not been to that stadium before and I hear that the atmosphere was a lot better than Wembley last year. Thats good because that place can be pretty flat depending on your section.

A good portion of both our fantasy football leagues are going. The two guys from our main league I’m really looking forward to seeing, especially as one of them is a Cards fan and this is his first time seeing them. Most of the guys from the other league I could do without, I see them enough and… yeah I’ll that there.

The update for Sunday might be a little late depending on when we get back but at least the pictures should be fun!

Have a great weekend but don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the weekend update.

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