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Weekend Edition #3

It's no Harvey, but our fence is getting battered by some high winds today.

Last night I fixed a grave injustice and watched The Breakfast Club for the very first time!

The film is 32 years old and is widely regarded as a classic but for whatever reason I missed it in my formative years.

More recently, lets say the last decade or so, I’ve not gone back to watch it as I felt I pretty much knew the entire movie through osmosis as it is so heavily referenced in a lot of pop culture.

So last night I was browsing my Netflix list looking for something to watch and there it was. I without hesitation thought ‘Yes! That is exactly the sort of thing I’m in the mood for.’

Right from the opening notes of Simple Minds ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ I knew I was in for a treat. The film does indeed deserve its reputation as a classic.

I will say that I was right in my assessment that I pretty much knew where it was going at all times because of just how many times I’ve seen lines, scenes and character moments played out in other films, but that didn’t take away from the magic those six actors bought.

A few things about the film that stood out to me; if this hasn’t been done on stage yet it’s a travesty. It plays out so much like a theatre production it’s crazy.

Judd Nelson absolutely kills it! The rest of the small cast are all great, but Judd is the heart and soul of the movie and really delivers.

The very famous dance scene at the end of the film is pretty much one of the greatest dance scenes in cinema history if you ask me. It single handedly made me start thinking about DJing a themed night, hopefully on the date in March that the film is set.

The last point I made a note of was just how timeless this film is. It is a testament to the late great John Hughes, it wouldn’t take much at all for this to play just as well to kids three decades later. The only thing that would need changing, and it is a fault of the time more than anything, is the real overabundance and flagrant use of the word faggot. Bill & Ted is also guilty of this, as are a lot of movies.

I think I might try and make this a semi regular update as well; watching classics that may have slipped though the cracks. Removing things from my list of shame as it were.

I got cat-napped by Romes, the neighbours cat who sometimes decides to hang out with us. He's been avoiding the shitty weather.

As I said before, tomorrows update will be going up when we get back from the game, so look for it a little later than normal.

Don’t you forget about me.

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