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NFL in London

For the third time in as many weeks I have spent my day up in London today. This time it has been for the NFL and the third game of the 2017 International Series.

Since we’ve been together Sara and I have been to at least one game a year. We didn’t buy any tickets in advance this year and it was only about three weeks ago that we decided that we were definitely going. We got some relatively cheap tickets that ended up being excellent seats. We were in the third tier on about the forty yard line on the same side as the hard camera, so not far off the main TV view.

This was our first game at Twickenham stadium and I don’t know what exactly it is they have over Wembley, but the atmosphere was way better. Still not a patch on a game on a game in the states, but a great day out.

The tailgate at Twickenham is pretty damn cool; lots of bars, lots of food choices and a few NFL shop stands with a better selection than previous years.

The game itself was a blow out, the Sean McVay’s Rams dominated the Cardinals, but it never felt like the game was completely one sided in the stadium, maybe it did from home with commentary. I’ll leave the analysis to the professionals who aren’t writing from bed while trying to stay awake.

Meeting up with Jack and Jamie from our fantasy league is always great.

The NFL is great and game day is pretty much my favourite way to spend a Sunday. I recommend you try it. It is awesome, infectious and addictive… and expensive.

Thats enough for this week. Catch you all tomorrow.

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