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Board Games are fun.

In 2014 Sara and I took a trip to Texas, I’m sure I’ll write about it fully some time.

Near the end of that trip we were in a bar late one night in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas and decided to pick up a board game they had on the bar and play over beers and pizza. We had so much fun playing Scrabble that night that when we got home we picked up a copy. My mum loves Scrabble so I’d played lots as a kid but not for years.

We also got Risk, I’d never played this before but always been interested in doing so. We had fun playing it but it left us wanting.

Not long after we got a couple of other games, Discworld Ankh-Morpork comes to mind, and it wasn’t long before this burgeoning hobby grew and grew. Looking at our shelves today it looks like we currently have twenty seven games, a bunch of expansions for them and at least three games on pre-order.

We discovered cooperative games though Pandemic and Forbidden Island/Desert and they quickly became favourites. We’ve tried out a bunch of different styles of game and get something different from all of them.

It’s a really great time to be into board games, the last few years have been a real renaissance for the medium and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

We were playing TIME Stories today

Recently the two games that have been on the table most are Mansions of Madness Second Edition and This War Of Mine: The Board Game.

Mansions is a great adventure game with many scenarios. They’re controlled by an app you’ll have open on a laptop or mobile device which acts as your kind of games master. The board is procedurally generated so even if you play through the same scenario again it may be altered.

I’m not normally one for the Lovecraftian theme but this is a really fun game. I also think it could be easily slightly redesigned to make it into a ‘Supernatural’ or ‘BPRD’ game.

This War Of Mine is based on the popular video game of the same name. Fun isn’t exactly a word you can use to describe it as its themed around living as refugees in a war torn eastern European country. While its not exactly based on any one war it is heavily influenced by real stories and events and therefore pretty harrowing at times. I backed this game on kickstarter and it game with a ton of extras and expansions, we’re yet to delve into them as we’ve not got sick of the base game yet. The game play is very unique and instead of being a game you set out to ‘win’ you are simply struggling not to ‘lose.’ This will not be a game for everyone but I would encourage people interested to check it out for themselves as opposed to reading to many reviews. Its a very subjective game and you’ll get out of it the level of investment you put in.

I’ve got a couple of games preordered that should be arriving soon. I plan on writing detailed updates about them so I’ll just mention here to keep an eye out for more on Pandemic Legacy: Season Two and Gloomhaven.

I’m also really looking forward to, at some point, getting a couple of games based on properties I love. Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card game looks like a fun deck building game, something we’ve only dabbled in previously. And The Expanse board game seems like it will have a lot of the intrigue and political machinations of the books… even if it is using the cheaper option of going with stills from the show for its components. Hey, if it sells well and helps raise awareness for the show, I’m willing to concede.

Thats all for now but as I said, there will be more board game posts coming up in the weeks and months to come. Its such a great hobby and I hope more and more people start playing games.

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