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Pandemic Legacy: Season 2

Quick note, I had to call an audible on today’s post. I originally intended to do a quick hits today but my preorder arrived earlier than expected and I’m excited about it. This post was planned for next week.

Pandemic Legacy: Season One is my favourite board game experience. I’ve previously written about how over the last few years, Sara and I have got really into playing modern board games.

Pandemic was one of the first games that got us fully hooked, we instantly fell in love with it’s cooperative game play and its ease of learning/difficulty to master balance. We played the base game a lot as well as the On The Brink expansion.

I didn’t used to keep up with game news and would just go with games that looked interesting or I’d heard about when I still worked at the comic book shop. When we spotted Pandemic Legacy: Season One in a store it instantly piqued our interest.

I’d heard about ‘Legacy’ games from selling Risk Legacy. For those unaware, ‘Legacy’ games are those which your actions have a lasting impact and carry forward into future games. They have the ability to tell an ongoing story and really ramp up the tension of the game.

We ended up getting the game for Christmas 2015 and played through it in the following months. Every time we played we were amazed at how thematic everything felt, all of our actions felt like the correct thing to do both for the game and for the story we were telling. We grew attached to the characters we were playing, it was amazing and I cannot encourage you enough to go and check it out. It’s not a cheap board game, but you will absolutely get your moneys worth out of it. You don’t need to have played the base game before diving it, you can play that using the components available at the start as many times as you need before diving into the legacy game.

We play with just the two of us, it is easier than trying to organise a larger group, but I think it is probably just as good with three or four players. Just make sure you don’t have one player trying to take over and make other peoples decisions for them, ‘alpha gaming.’ That could potentially ruin any co-op game and should be stopped at first sign. Discuss what you’re planning to do, work together, but let people make their own choices even if you disagree with them.

The other super exciting thing about the first game was in the name; Season One. Right from the outset we knew there was going to be a follow up. It’s taken a few years but that sequel is almost upon us and my preorder has shipped.

So I’ve decided to write an after action report for each of our plays of Pandemic Legacy: Season Two. We’re planning on playing one month of the game each month, so that will be one or two attempts, depending on if we win on lose. In season one we ended up playing a couple of months close together nearer the end as we were too excited to take a few weeks off. I can’t promise that the same won’t happen again!

I’m going to try and stick to a narrative format, but I won’t really know what that will be until we start playing. The game seems to be very story driven so it shouldn’t be too hard adapting our play-throughs.

We’ll be playing our first game later in the week so keep an eye out for the first part in the next few days, early next week at the latest. After that it should be a regular series until we finish the game.

There will be spoilers throughout obviously, if you’ve played Season One you’ll understand how big some of those surprises can be. I seriously can’t recommend playing that game enough and if you are planning to, maybe skip these posts until you get caught up. Hopefully reading my updates will inspire you to check it out!

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