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PLS2 Prologue

Little different style today. This is the first entry in my Pandemic Legacy Season 2 write up. I’m writing it as prose as journal entries from the characters we made at the start of the game. I’m quite proud of it.

December - 2086

Entry 1

We weren’t born when it all ended, hell, for most of us our parents weren’t even born and the ones who were were so young.

They were the lucky ones they were told, the survivors. The ones who would rebuild society.

That didn’t happen. All they did was flee to the sea, abandoning the land that had been our home for thousands of years.

No one knows exactly how or where it started but they say it only took a year for the virus to spread across the globe wiping out entire cities in a matter of days while medical and military personnel tried to hold back its destructive path. Information about that time is sketchy at best, but we try and piece together what we can so that we might learn from the mistakes of our ancestors.

I am keeping this journal so that no matter what, whether we are successful or not, someone, somewhere, will know what happened.

Recently the leaders of the three Havens were scheduled to meet. They took all the strongest protectors we had and never returned. Did they abandon us? Did they find safety but have yet to send word back to the havens? Did the hollow men over run them and kill them? No one knows. All we know is that we are alone now and the people have, for some reason, decided that the five of us are in charge. Five representatives from the last three “safe” places on Earth. At least that we know of, we don’t exactly have a vast network and at last count there was only nine old cities on our supply grid.

My name is Vos and I am from Sanctaury, the haven in the northern Atlantic, off the coast of… oh what was it called? The one with the leaf on their banner. Flyx would know, she keeps records on all the old places. She’s the current Administrator over at Acre haven in the Mediterranean. She was the first chosen as the new leadership and recommended me to represent Sanctuary. I was reluctant to agree at first until my closest friend Malax pushed for it. He’s more leadership material than I am but he rubs people the wrong way sometimes. I guess that’s just part of his role as an Instructor.

We also have Mellesändre from Acre, she’s a talented Radio Operator and is the one responsible for the fairly stable communication network across the grid. It’s pretty remarkable what she’s been able to do for someone so young.

The people were happy for us to be in charge, I think being told what to do gives them a level of comfort, but the four of us agreed that it wouldn’t be fair to leave Oasis haven out of the loop and so we asked them for a volunteer to represent their population, it was strange, they welcomed the help and were grateful to be included but no one would step forward to take on a leadership role.

After Malax and I visited the central Atlantic haven we head out and try to set up some supply centres on the mainlands and hoped to find some clue as to why the council disappeared.

That was the first time we met Orin. He snuck aboard Malax boat as he was leaving Oasis for the Mediterranean. Despite our boats being small, Orin managed to stay hidden for a few days. When Malax did finally discover him he explained that he wanted to help and would represent his people. Without any other volunteers coming forward we reluctantly agreed and so our new leadership comity was rounded out.

Aside from knowing that he’s a good farmer, we really haven’t been able to discern much more about Orin. We are presuming he is in fact a him but cant exactly be sure as he refuses to take off his goggles and face mask.

The people of Oasis have always been more isolated than the other two havens. There’s was the last to be built and the first generation who grew up there were supposedly almost entirely orphans. They always cover they’re faces and don’t seem to have much in the way of social skills. I’m not going to hold that against Orin though. He seems like a good kid and as long as he pulls his weight and has everyone’s best interest at heart, he’s alright in my book.

We received word from Mellesändre that the cities around the Mediterranean were struggling to produce enough supplies to hold off the plague. Tripoli in particular was having a lot of problems. We focused our efforts in that region until it was stable again with a supply centre built by the docks in Tripoli.

I narrowly avoided disaster in Cairo when an infected dog came upon my supply delivery… I didn’t feel great after putting it down. Not because of how close I came to being exposed but because we see so few wild animals these days I let my guard down.

Malax dropped the kid back at Oasis with the understanding that he was now a part of the team. After that he headed to America and managed to get a supply centre up in the remnants of New York. Apparently theres a building there called Square Garden but Malax said that it was round and had no grass inside at all. Our ancestors were either really stupid or had a weird sense of humour.

London started to get low on supplies so Malax used what little fuel we had to take our small plane over the ocean to keep the population there safe while I took a long boat ride to Florida and got another supply centre up in Jacksonville.

We were successful in our mission to keep everyone in supply of essentials like food and meds but we didn’t hear a damn thing about where the leaders went. Maybe we’ll have better luck next time. In the meantime, its almost new years. The havens always have an influx of visitors from the mainland at this time so we’ve all gone home to make sure everything is okay.

I fear that this is going to be tough year.

This is Vos from Sanctuary, signing off.

See you tomorrow for Stranger Things 2!

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