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Nothing to do with todays post but I saw this funky container outside a cathedral of all places today.

Its still weird to me that even though the show has only been out for four days and I’ve already watched two episodes, I’m actually way behind everyone else in regards to Stranger Things 2.

So with that said this post isn’t going to be so much my thoughts on the season but a little of that mixed with my feeling on the Netflix release model as well.

I’ll start with the latter. I am so torn on it! On the one hand I love the having the ability to watch at my leisure and my own pace. Over the weekend we didn’t get a chance to watch any, but last night we watched two episodes back to back. Great! Love being able to do that. For most shows on Netflix I think thats perfect and keeps people engages with some things they might often drop off of through a regularly released schedule.

For shows like Stranger Things though, that have completely enveloped the pop culture, at least that with which I’m a part of, I do think it is detrimental. Especially in the first few weeks.

Lost is my favourite TV show of all time. Say what you will about the ending, it definitely isn’t for everyone, but I loved it all the way through. A huge part of that was the culture surrounding the show.

When it first premiered in the UK they showed the two part pilot and then the third episode all on the same night and without previously discussing it a lot of people I was hanging out with all watched it. We had a long car ride the following night to a gig and the whole ride there and back we were talking, theorising and analysing everything about those first episodes. That weekend we all caught up with the rest of season one as it was already over in the states and thankfully didn’t have to wait an excruciating length of time before season two. That was when the podcasts began.

Ya know what, I’m going to cut myself off there because I would love to do a whole post about the Lost subculture and how amazing it was to be a part of.

My point is, Stranger Things doesn’t have that. It can’t have that because of its distribution method. I know that this week I’m going to have to skip a few of the podcasts I listen to or risk being spoiled for a show I’m greatly enjoying watching.

In a month or two, when the majority of people who care about watching the show unsullied have had a good chance to, there will be conversation, but it will be about the show as an entity. Not about individual episodes or revelations within. You can only get that with the person you are directly watching it with. Sara and I did that last year and it was great but it was what got me thinking about it. When Westworld was airing it felt a lot more similar to Lost. The conversations were constant and evolving, they weren’t just someones hot take on the show and maybe their theory of what will happen next year. Stranger Things could have that too, it deserves it.

I really enjoy the show, it think it’s a lot of fun and has a lot of heart. It captures the vibe of old Spielberg but isn’t totally beholden to it. I can see why some are critical, it could be seen as just playing on peoples nostalgia. But you know what, as long as its good I don’t give a fuck if thats what they’re doing to make a show.

The cast is pretty great, I’m glad they went straight back into production after season one or else those kids would all start to look like mid twenties actors playing junior high and that would break all immersion.

This seasons big bad has a very Cthulu/Lovecraftian feel to it, it’s kind of cool, I just hope the story keeps it all together. I’m intrigued to see how the new character of Eight we meet in the opening scene will factor in as we go on and I like that we didn’t have to be teased too long before having the mystery of where Eleven went revealed.

Thats pretty much all I can say right now as I’m only two episodes in. If I’ve got more to say when I’m done I’ll maybe do another update or throw it in to a Quick Hits post.

See you tomorrow, I’m going to play a couple of spooky video games now and see if either are worth writing about!

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