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Gone Home

My friend Chris sent me a Colts t-shirt directly from Lucas Oil stadium! It's absolutely massive but I don't care!

It seems kind of crazy to me that I haven’t written more about video games, but then I think about it and other than Oxenfree I haven’t really played much recently. Until today that is.

I had fully intended to play some Outlast as part of my spooky week but as I was looking through my available games on xbox I noticed Gone Home and decided to go with that instead.

I have watched Gavin and Michael from Achievement Hunter play through Outlast so while I would still inevitably shit my pants, I might be a bit too prepared for the scared. Plus it feels like something I should capture and film a face cam for, maybe I’ll do that one day.

So I went with Gone Home knowing only that it was a slightly spooky, story driven indie game. Something I seem to be enjoying a lot of recently!

Spoilers going forward. Be warned.

Gone Home tells the very intimate story of an older sister returning home after spending time abroad and finding her mom, dad and younger sister no where to be found. The story is told through exploration and discovering items that trigger journal entries from your characters sister. It’s really her story more than anyone else’s and the player character is just the vessel of delivery.

The 1995 setting is great, there is a lot of punk and grunge music and references throughout and some of the themes are more interesting due to the time frame. The US militaries “Don’t ask, don’t tell” for instance.

The game isn’t exactly a horror but does give you a distinct sense of unease as you explore this big, dark and empty house. I found myself always getting to light switches as quick as possible and checking all nooks and crannies whenever I entered a new room.

I really did fear what I might find when I finally entered the attic and was glad that the game has a mostly happy ending. The downer actually comes from the clues hidden throughout that the parents marriage is failing with the mother potentially having an affair and the father being a failing author.

The ending reminded me of the end of the movie Adventureland. It is a happy ending on the surface, but if you role the timeline on by a few years it probably does eventually end in heartache, but these are stories about teenagers, most of those stories end in heartache.

I am really enjoying going back and finally playing some of these awesome indie games. I’ve still got a long list that I need to get to but I feel I might be distracted a little from that for a while. I just bought Assassins Creed Origins as it is getting rave reviews and looks like a lot of fun. I’ve got Battlefront 2 preordered too so should be pretty set for the rest of the year between those two. You’ll get my full thoughts when I’ve had a chance to play them.

Happy hump day everybody. See you tomorrow.

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