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Family Matters (Quick Hits #3)

Neighbours cat in his favourite place... laying on Saras chest

Got a few quick hits about my family today.

I enjoy talking to my mum, we’re mostly on the same page with some stuff but I did have to cut her off the other day when she started saying something along the lines of “I don’t like the guy, but Donal Trump does know how to say all the right things.” I noped out of going down that hole straight away and she was wise enough to realise we were not going to be agreeing on anything if that continued.

I do sometimes feel like I get marginalised when I’m talking to my mum. We can be mid conversation but it’ll get interrupted if anyone else needs something… anything. It really breaks the flow of conversation and definitely feels like whatever I have to say isn’t as important. I know that in actual fact, most of the time, it is more a case of me having my shit together her seeing that as me not actually needing her as much as other people. Doesn’t make it any less hurtful though.

It has been a really tough week dealing with my brother. We’ve had a lot of problems for most of this year and I’m working on a much longer post all about that. Last week I received a message from him that felt so insulting and ill informed. Logically, and because I know Jon very well, I know no offence was meant by it, but even when I eventually told him to reread it and see if he could figure out why I was insulted he couldn’t. That was equally disturbing.

I fear that our relationship, which has always been so tight, is frayed beyond any real repair.

I missed my nephews seventh birthday on Saturday. I feel really bad about it. I sent my sister a message to pass on and managed to get that in just before he went to bed, but I do feel like a crappy uncle. I’ll make it up to him with Star Wars toys soon, kids got good taste!

Sara had a rough weekend. The cold that she thought she’d managed to kick came back with a vengeance and ended up being a full blown flu. She was super delirious all day Sunday barely moving most of the day. At one point I heard a clattering from upstairs and when I went to investigate I found her on the bathroom floor losing a fight with the bath tub and shower. I still don’t quite know how it happened but she was apparently trying to run a bath when the shower head fell down, got twisted in the handle on the side of the tub and was spraying her in the face while she mumbled “bath… not shower, bath not shower.”

I was one of the saddest and funniest things I’ve seen all at once. I felt so bad for her as she was upset that a simple thing like running a bath was being so challenging but her disappointed mumblings were so hilarious I could barely keep my shit together.

I did my best to look after her for the rest of the day and thankfully by Tuesday she was feeling a bit better.

Okay, this isn’t about family but was something I witnessed and couldn’t ignore. On Wednesday I was collecting from a KFC and went to use there toilet before getting on my way. It was there that I witnessed what I can only assume was a man who had fucked with a broken time machine.

He was stuck in reverse. As I entered he was drying his hands, perfectly normal he’s used the restroom and was heading out, I start to pee. When he’s finished washing his hands he goes over to the sink and rinses, I thought it was a little odd but maybe this guy is just extra careful in public bathrooms. After rinsing he did a little soap squirt, getting weirder now glad I’m nearly done. Finally (I assume as I didn’t stick around longer than needed) he went to a different urial and started to take a leak. He took every step you generally take in a restroom but in the exact opposite order. Definitely fucked with a bad time machine.

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