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Friday feeling

Bit of a non-entry today. I had something prewritten but I'm currently sat at the bar waiting for Sara to finish work so I'm not on my laptop. I had a prewritten post lined up because I knew I wouldn't be around this evening. For our anniversary Sara bought me tickets to a WWE house show in London and is even being a good sport and coming with. I haven't been to a WWE show since getting back into pro wrestling a few years ago and the last one I went to would have actually been in... 1999! Shit. Thats a while. Most of the guys I saw there are probably dead.

That said there is two old timers on the card tonight who might have been then too. I honestly can't remember.

So yeah, thats what I'm up to tonight. I'll probably write about that tomorrow and what was going to be todays post will go up on Sunday! Have a good weekend.

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