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Pandemic Legacy - January

Next instalment in our Pandemic Legacy Season 2 play through... I hope you enjoy reading these as I do writing them!

Spoilers through January...

January - 2087

We made it home but our fears have been confirmed. There was a message waiting for me in my bunk when I got back to Sanctuary. It was a communication from Acre. They discovered a file believed to have been left by our former leaders before they left. The Hollow Men’s raiding and ravaging is only increasing. They’re tearing down our supply centres and leaving the cities with nothing. They’re moving fast and seem to be growing in number as our people decrease. Could it really be that some of the people we’re trying to help are actually betraying us to these reavers? Malax seems to think so. I’m not so sure.

One thing is certain though, the people are scared. We know now that the leadership didn’t have enough supplies in the stockpile to last us the year. It seems more and more likely they have abandoned us.

Flyx has suggested we try and open up supply lines into the mainland, it is possible that they have started rebuilding some form of infrastructure in what was the American heartland. If we can make contact and if they believe that we are there to help not destroy them, then we might have some hope…

Orin has volunteered to join me in the field, the kid is so eager to help and to be honest, it was ready for a change of company from Malax and all his doom and gloom. Let him stay in Sanctuary and organise the people here.

We arranged to meet up in Washington, the eastern coastline needed our support so Orin came in through Florida while I started in the north. I did what I could but it was Orin who was the real hero, we managed to provide for every city he traveled through, he is a natural farmer.

I would like to think I was pulling my weight as well though, I was able to get a supply centre built in Washington just as Orin arrived.

With the people there safe, we decided to push on with the expansion. I stayed put and travelled to wherever needed me most while our quietly resourceful friend took to the highways that haven’t been mapped in countless years.

It was only once I reached Acre and met up with Mellesāndre that I heard the news. He had made contact with survivors in Chicago. They had been using the basements of the old buildings as refuge and fishing in the great lakes to stay fed. There was an old man with them, he claimed he had been a doctor, a scientist type doctor, not the useful kind. He had worked at a place called the CDC but Orin couldn’t remember what that stood for. He did remember though that the old guy claimed the that virus, the one that wiped us damn near off the Earth in the first place, had started here, in North America and that the scientist of the time called it COdA.

They had some maps of surviving cities across the continent but had been isolated for a number of years and didn’t know how accurate they’re information was. Flyx has suggested that making contact with these other cities should be a priority in the weeks and months to come. Maybe someone, somewhere can help us, maybe there are other havens. We just need to dig a little deeper.

We got a little caught up in our celebrations that night. I’ve tried to tell her that it wasn’t her fault but Mellesāndre keeps blaming herself… Tripoli sent an urgent call for supplies but we failed to notice in time. I set off at once but by the time I got there it was too late, a family had been infected by the plague. It was the first outbreak in humans in years, certainly the first time since we’ve been in charge. They’ve been quarantined but with no known cure it doesn’t look good for them. That poor kid couldn’t have been more then nine.

I bolstered up the cities reserves but couldn’t stay, I needed to get a centre build somewhere in the Mediterranean to prevent this happening again. Istanbul seemed sensible enough, it was well connected and only a short distance from the other cities.

I should have been more cautious… there was a double outbreak in New York and no one was there to prevent it. The virus is evolving and becoming stronger quicker than we can hold it back.

That was when the Orin arrived and yet again saved us. He had bought back with him an decontamination unit from Chicago. The thing was old and complex but he managed to get it working long enough to apparently completely cleanse the infected. It didn’t last long though and seems to be completely fried now. Maybe there is hope yet though. If we can find more of these things we might have a shot.

I arrived a few days after and between us, Orin and I managed to build a third active supply centre. We know that they won’t last long. The Hollow Men will be raiding these cities first if we can’t provide adequate defences. For now at least, these people are safe, well fed, and medicated. Washington in particular is very well stocked.

The family in Tripoli died not long after I left. I received word when I got back to Sanctuary. Apparently a few other people fled the city too fearing for their safety and not trusting our abilities to keep them safe. I wish we could have done more for them. I hope they don’t try and join The Hollow Men.

There was good news from the supply centres though. More survivors arrived! Malax was wary of this, he thinks they might be Hollow Men spies, but we need to the help we can get in every city still on the grid so we sent word that they were welcome.

The other leaders have officially titled me ‘record keeper’ and my journal, at least an edited version of it, is being printed and distributed across all three havens. Erm, hi everybody.

It was Mellesāndre’s idea. A way to keep everyone informed as to whats happening. Sorry if I’ve said what I said before about the Oasis, until I met Orin I’d not really interacted with any of you, but if you’re half as talented as that young man then you are all a great addition to the cause and we’re lucky to have your support.

Speaking of Orin, that kid is fast! I don’t know how he does it but he’s able to traverse the map better than anyone I’ve ever seen. It’s like he was a born runner.

He was visiting São Paulo the other day and discovered some intact foundations under an otherwise destroyed city block. He believes we could start rebuilding here quicker than normal. Based on everything he’s done for us this month, I’m inclined to trust him.

It’s nearly the end of the month now. I can’t believe how quickly the time is going, it’s almost as fast as the decrease in our supplies. We need to start producing more, fast. Hopefully February will be kind to us.

Until then, this is Vos from Sanctuary signing off.

I know I said I'd be writing about Assassins Creed Origins today, but honestly, I just haven't and now the Colts game is on so I'm not likely to tonight now. I had this ready to go so I figured I'd post it.

The designers of the game read my prologue write up and seemed to like it, so Matt and Rob if you're reading this one too, thanks!

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