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Origins of Ass...assins

This is a big squishy thing Sara bought from Costco and hasn't stop snuggling with since.

This weekend was weird, I feel like I barely did anything. I wrote a couple of decent length posts on Saturday but I still feel like I was lazier than I planned to be. I need to get back on track of writing every day so I can build up a backlog of posts again. I burned through a fair few over the last couple of weeks.

With that in mind I’m actually writing this one on my phone in the middle of the day while on break. I don’t generally like doing it this way, but needs must.

I think a part of the reason I didn’t do as much as I planned was that most of Saturday and the early part of Sunday evening was consumed by Assassins Creed Origins.

I am really loving this game. I’ve been a fan of the series the whole way through and to a certain extent an apologist of some of the less good entries like 3 and… the French one. My interest had been waning quite a lot since Black Flag though. That for me was the pinnacle, I loved the setting, the story was fun and not too heavy, the gameplay had just enough without going a bit too overboard like they did in Syndicate.

Black Flag was the only game in the series I played through twice, once on the 360 and once on the One. Double achievements baby!

I was intrigued by Origins from the trailers and stuff, I was happy they had taken a year off last year, (I hope they continues to alternate years) but I wasn’t so excited I was rushing to preorder or anything. I figured I’d check it out sometime next year when I can pick it up cheap. Then I watched a couple of gameplay videos and saw how they had changed up the control scheme for the first time. That started getting me excited and then the reviews started coming in universally positive, from both games media and regular people.

So I picked it up early last week and played a lot over the weekend. It took some getting used to the new combat system but I really like it, it’s more challenging and feels like it has some weight to it.

The most striking thing for me was just how similar to Destiny the menus, loot system and levelling feels. I enjoyed Destiny at launch but without a group to play with I quickly fell off. Seeing what it did well implemented into a solely single player experience is great.

I find myself doing all the side quests I can find in an effort to level up and getting better gear. I think I’ve barely scratched the surface of the story yet despite the hours I’ve put in.

There seems to be a good verity of missions too, they each have you doing something a bit different which prevents the game getting stale too quickly.

I am looking forward to playing more of it when I get a chance and if I have anything more to say I’ll definitely do another post.

With Battlefront 2 out shortly this may get put to one side for a couple of weeks but I think those games are going to be so different that I won’t be abandoning this anytime soon.

Like JJ Abrams and shit

The current plan for this evening is to go see Thor, I’ll know for sure when I get home from work. If that is the case you can expect my thoughts on it probably tomorrow.

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