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Come From The Land Of The Ice And Snow!

I like our neon Kona sign.

We finally got round to seeing Thor Ragnarok last night, I really enjoyed it. I’ve written before about my enjoyment of Taika Waititi’s humour and he definitely bought it in this. The film is very funny throughout, even Cate Blanchett’s villain Hela gets to be dryly funny while she chews scenery brilliantly. The whole cast is great; Hemsworth and Ruffalo have their respective characters down pat by this point, Jeff Goldblum is going full on whacky in the way he does best, Tessa Thompson is very good as the new character to the series Valkyrie and Anthony Hopkins brings a certain weight and levity to every role. He was especially good when playing Loki as Odin. Speaking of Loki, this film cemented in my mind the fact that Tom Hiddleston’s sometimes villain sometimes hero is the best foil in the MCU. I know a lot of people were on the band waggon from the first Thor movie on, and I’ve always enjoyed his performance, but there was just something to him in this one that I especially enjoyed.

Plot wise the movie felt kind of slight to me. I think the guys over at iFanboy described it best when they said this film was more like an Annual or Giant Size issue of a comic book series rather than an arc with real last substantial impact. Especially the way the first act of the movie moves our lead characters through a bunch of different locations at a fast pace and has him interacting with characters for sometimes no more than a scene.

Thats not to say that nothing happens and it wont be an issue moving forward, just that the way it was presented didn’t feel as grandiose as some other Marvel movies. That could be a good thing though.

I can’t help but think that we’ve had three mostly light hearted movies this year (Guardians 2, Spider-Man and this) and it is because next years slate is going to be a bit more serious. Black Panther looks very cool and visually unique but it think it will have a more rigid tone and Infinity War could potentially fuck up a lot of shit for these characters we’ve come to know for the past ten years.

I know that Taika has said he wants to do more movies in the MCU but I hope that we are done with Thor standalone films now. I like the format of these core characters getting three solo films maximum and I hope they do more move into a Marvel Team-Up type position if they want to use the characters again outside of the bigger team movies. I think after the fourth Avengers film we’ll start to get more of an idea of what the future will be for the original group of characters. I think we’re in for at least one noble sacrifice, possibly more.

I’ve not worked at the comic shop for three and a half years now and haven’t read any super hero books regularly since. The material these movies are drawing from is starting to over take my knowledge base and I’m really enjoying it. Obviously none of the movies are direct adaptions anyway, but in the past I’ve been able to pretty much know the beats of the movie before even seeing a trailer. Its a much nicer viewing experience not having that.

I really need a hair cut.

Thats all for today.. there will be something tomorrow, no idea what yet though! You’ll have to come back and see!

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