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On Hold

Urgh! I’ve been sat on hold for nineteen minutes today, that brings the total up to an hour and a half for the week so far.

My SIA license expires in December and although work handles the renewal process and payment, apparently the SIA cannot proceed until I’ve spoken to them myself. I’m starting to think they may only have one person on the other end of this phone line though. What a ball ache.

Writing day while watching Rooster Teeth

Sara was at a training course in London yesterday, they were holding it at Sky HQ which is pretty cool but it would seem is a bitch to get home from. She finished there at five and hopped on the first of the two trains she would be taking. There was delays, obviously, but she got on the second one fine. Then more delays. The train ended up terminating earlier than it was meant to, I’m assuming due to driver union/hours worked rules as they were given no explanation. So there’s Sara stuck in Fareham in the cold potentially having to wait an hour for a train that might not even come to take her to Southampton Central where she could get her car an come home. Me being the nice husband that I am said fuck it and just went and picked her up from Fareham and took her car instead.

I did manage to get caught up on some TV shows before that though. Star Wars Rebels final season continues to be great, love that they keep putting old EU stuff back into the canon. Dante Basco is in the show this season too, always great to hear Prince Zuko’s voice pop up in other stuff.

The Walking Dead is a show that in the off season I don’t ever think about. Hell, between episodes I don’t either. I might be a symptom of having read it for years before the show existed or it just might not be that great of a TV show but, every at the start of the week when there is a new episode I always look forward to watching it. Strange phenomenon that. The show is rapidly catching up to where I stopped reading the comics at the moment so we’ll see if my interest wains or is renewed when it gets to that point.

I keep meaning to catch up on the books, its not like it got bad, I just fell behind and didn’t care enough to catch up immediately. Invincible is the Kirkman series I feel more guilty about falling behind on, but as thats coming to an end soon I might just wait and then plow through the remaining trades I’m yet to get to.

Still got the second episode of Blue Planet II to watch, so if I’m satisfied with the amount of blog entries I write this evening I might treat myself to a little Attenborough.

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