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Welcome to Gloomhaven

Today is an exciting day! My copy of the boardgames Gloomhaven arrived. Gloomhaven is a massive game both in terms of physical size and in scope and amount to do. It is seriously going to take hours just going through all the components and sorting everything out, I’m really excited!

Gloomhaven was a runaway success on Kickstarter last year and very quickly rose through the ranks of Board Game Geeks top games of all time, I think it is currently sitting at number three but with more people receiving it soon it might well take the top spot by the end of the year.

A second edition print run hit kickstarter earlier this year with a few minor tweaks to improve some minor issues people had with the first edition and so I was determined to check it out. Considering the sheer amount of stuff in the box the price for the game on kickstarter was really reasonable, only about two thirds the estimated retail price when it finally becomes available in stores.

Normally Sara and I are quite content playing games just the two of us, especially co-op games. Main reason for this is just that it is a lot easier to schedule! I knew going into this one though that this game was going to be pretty huge and take a good few hours to play, realistically we’d be giving up most of a day to it. Games like that can be harder to get to the table (looking at you Star Wars Rebellion) especially for just the two of us. To counter this I asked our friends Ed an Toni if they would like to join us and basically form a little Gloomhaven group, we’d only play when we can all get together and do so. It is a great excuse to see a couple of friends who live a few hours away once a month or so and we can make a day of it each time. From everything that I’ve seen as well, the game seems to play best with a full party of four.

There are plenty of articles about the game online and I haven’t had a chance to personally play it yet so I wont go into too many details about it, but the quality of the components, the unique gameplay mechanics, original characters and setting and lite legacy aspect of the world building really have me excited to jump in. There are about a hundred scenarios to play through and a ton of characters and classes to unlock as we go so I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this as we go through.

I’m not sure I’ll be doing a PL:S2 style narrative for this, but I’ll probably be writing about any cool stuff that happens over the course of our games.

I’m excited to hang out with Ed and Toni more regularly too, I always fail at convincing them to move closer when they visit. Damn them and they’re interesting jobs!

Thats all for now, I have hours of fun sorting out this behemoth of a box ahead of me!

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