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The Rafi-verse

I don’t know how many people are watching The Good Place but I imagine now that its on Netflix in the UK that more people are checking it out. Holy shit this show is good. I loved season one last year but was a little worried about where they could go with it moving forward. I should have had more faith because season two is just as good.

Thats not the point of todays post, the point I wanted to get to was a fun little fan theory I came up with regarding Jason Mantzoukas’s characters in three shows. (probably more of his roles too, I just know him best from the three shows I’m going to mention)

So in season two of The Good Place the omnipotent character of Janet creates another being in a reckless act of sadness and distress, that character is Derek Hofstetler. He’s a bit fucked up due to him being the first being Janet has ever created. He means well but is kind of oblivious to a lot of things and has the pure innocence of a new born.

What if, when Derek is boxed up and sent to the back corner of Janets endless void he manages to escape and leaves the Good Place and comes to Earth? He would want to help people still, its all he’s ever known and he would still be invincible because he’s not even human. I think at this point he would enrol in the police academy. Cut to years later, he’s not aged at all but has grown somewhat disillusioned with humanity and is bitter but still has a lot of his strange mannerisms and innocence. This is when we meet him as Adrian Pimento in Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Now, we know from that show that Pimento often spends years at a time undercover infiltrating criminal organisations and has a history of going off book sometimes and getting too deep into his cover story. What if he leaves New York and spends some years in Chicago when we catch up to him as Rafi in The League? Possibly at his craziest now and most powerful, he has discovered the ability to create life too but instead of strictly creating himself a love interest he creates a sister, Sofia. This would explain their very weird pseudo incestuous relationship and her sudden death in the last season. It would also explain how Rafi was seemingly able to be killed multiple times throughout the series.

It’s totally dumb, but I love the idea of these three characters all being one and the same. Jason Mantzoukas has a very unique style and plays variations of the same character in most projects he’s involved in. Why not be a little silly and connect them all!

I might expand on this more in the future, I was telling Sara my theory and she had more ideas about it growing.

Saw a steam train today randomly

Thats todays post, go watch all those shows. They’re all on Netflix still I think.


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