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For the kids

Super timely post today so trying to get it up as early as poss. Today Rooster Teeth are doing their Extra Life twenty four hour live stream and I would encourage everyone to go over there and contribute if you can.

Rooster Teeth Extra Life Live Stream

Extra Life is a really great charity set up by the guys over at Penny Arcade. All proceeds to the charity go to children's hospitals. Over the last seven years Rooster Teeth have been heavily involved and it has kind of grown into a bit of a friendly competition among the gaming community as to which group can raise the most.

RT’s goal is a million dollars this year and right now, an hour in, they’re at $360,000. They’re going to kill it. They have some really cool exclusive merchandise available today only with all proceeds going to the charity.

The live stream is always tons of fun, especially as it gets into the night and they get drunker and drunker. Some of the funniest content of the year they put out comes from the live streams. I’m going to try and watch as much as possible.

All the money the Rooster Teeth community raises goes to Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, they’re local hospital. Seeing what their money has gone to each year is pretty incredible and this year is better than ever. They’re currently building a mental health wing dedicated to helping children early who have a variety of mental health issues. I think this is a fantastic cause and I would love to see more places like this pop up across the world. Getting help for these issues when someone is young could is really important and could prevent a lifetime of problems. I’ve been thinking about a few posts recently that have to do with people close to me and things like this so I really feel personally connected to this.

Thats enough of that, my morning (I say morning but I didn’t get out of bed until ten because I woke up at eight and was convinced I was late for work until I remembered it was Saturday) was spent doing a lot of stuff around the house tidying up and what not. I felt very productive and like I have earned my spot on the sofa now.

Fuck this Dyson.

Not impressed with emptying it all over the fucking floor.

I’ve also been organising the Gloomhaven box as well to try and make it as easy as possible to set up and play when we get the group together. Man, I cannot wait to play that game!

Anyway, go check out Extra Life and the Rooster Teeth live stream, for the kids. $425,000 now in an hour and fifteen minutes! See you tomorrow.

Rooster Teeth Extra Life Live Stream

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