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I Had A Fall

Some nice autumn colours today

I felt really old today. I was collecting from a store I collect from every week, I have a good laugh with them every week as they’re never ready for me when I get there. I was just leaving and walking down the metal stairs in their stock room when for some unknown reason my left ankle just gave out and buckled my leg under me. I stumbled and fell down a few steps and took the brunt of it on my right knee. At the time it was my pride that hurt the most as it does whenever you fall over but as soon as I was out the store and walking back to my van I could feel the real pain creep in. My knee was a little bruised but not too bad, that went away very quick, my ankle on the other hand took a while longer and I’ve felt a bit uneasy putting too much weight on it since. Its definitely nothing serious and I’m sure it’ll be fine in the morning, but it was just one of those humbling moments that made me think “Oi, dickhead, you’re over thirty now when shit breaks it won’t ever really heal back to full strength.”

The term ‘had a fall’ is such an old person thing to say. When I kid falls its like “Oh yeah Billy fell over the other day, such a little scamp.” But when someone old falls down its a much bigger thing, “Oh did you hear about Agness? Yeah, she had a fall… its not looking good.”

Getting old sucks. My Grandma has had a few falls over the last few years, she’s got bruises that are older than my niece. Not fun for anyone. She was very mobile and active for a long time but since I’d say the second one she is pretty much dependant on other people to do anything outside of her own home and when she is there she wears a medical emergency pendant.

She was really against the idea at first but we made sure we had a wheelchair for her at our wedding last year. The venue wasn’t exactly old person friendly so she stayed in that the whole day. She had a great time though and I think she was appreciative of it once she actually saw the venue.

We gave her a nice framed picture of the three of us from the day as a Christmas gift last year, she’s got a nice similar picture from both my brother and my sisters weddings so she got to complete the set. I thought she’d a little disappointed that she was in her chair in the picture but when she opened it up the joy on her face was so lovely that I could tell she could care less about the wheelchair.

Huh, this turned into quite a nice post about my grandma when really all I had to write about today was me getting a booboo like a knob. Funny what happens when I just start writing.

Jamie and I were spitballing more podcast ideas last night, he’s really psyched for it and I’m looking forward to helping. It’ll be nice to work on something like that and not have the pressure of being the lead person in charge of it. Definitely watch this space for more information as it comes.

See you tomorrow!

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