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My body is the Battlefront

I wrote this yesterday (17th) at about 7:30pm but the effort of getting up to get my laptop to post just seemed like too much. Thats why I’m posting it today and backdating it. Needless to say I’ve since played more Star Wars…

Some pretty amazing colours in the sky last night

I feel like crap. I’ve not felt great all day to be honest, it feels like I’ve got all the symptoms of the flu without the sore throat or blocked/runny nose. I’ll take that as a win I guess.

My whole body just aches and I feel really drained. Good thing it’s the weekend and I’ve got absolutely nothing planned other that going to the movies Sunday night.

That’s enough moaning.

I’m playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, which if you ask reddit or anywhere else on the internet makes me the devil.

I don’t want to go into all the controversy surrounding the micro transactions and stuff, I’ll just say that while I agree that there was some real shitty business moves made at an executive level it seems that the backlash has been heard and they are doing something about it. It probably won’t be enough and it certainly won’t satisfy people’s blood lust at the moment but I tell ya, the more bitching about it I see the less I care.

It was never something that effected me anyway, I never buy micro transactions, if the game is unbalanced, so be it I suck anyway. For me the biggest thing is that it looks and sounds amazing. It’s fun to play and it has single player. That’s what I’m here for. I suck at competitive shooters so I wasn’t expecting to ever do well anyway.

So far I’m really enjoying it. I just finished the third mission and about to carry on once I’ve found some pain killers and had a drink. There’s a ton of stuff from the Star Wars canon in this game and as someone who reads most of the novels and comics I do get a kick out of seeing that stuff in game. There’s even stuff in this that was created for the X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game! So nerdy, so awesome!

Short post tonight as I feel crap and want to keep playing. Hoping to get a bunch of writing done tomorrow while Sara’s at work but I think it’ll depend on how I’m feeling. We’ve got a full day off together on Sunday with nothing planned, I can’t wait!

Happy Friday everybody.

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