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Weekend Edition #6

I’ve had a really nice day today. Sara and I both slept late for the second day straight, thats really rare for us. We definitely needed it and, while still not fully healthy, I feel a lot better today for it. I hope going back to work tomorrow doesn’t make me go back to feeling rough.

When we eventually did wake up I finished of watching NXT from last night. I managed to stay awake until Sara got home last night and as she just wanted to unwind before going to bed we ended up watching half of the event live. It was a lot of fun, the Takeover events always outshine the main roster PPV’s.

After that, and because we’d put some food in the slow cooker for later, we decided to go for a walk. Yes, we’re those assholes that like going for walks on Sundays. We went to a country park the other side of town that I used to go to with my family a lot as a kid. Sara took great pleasure hearing my stories about how “this was the place I first heard the word cunt” and pointing out which trees my dad lost kites in with each of us kids.

It was because of the time we’d spent there as kids that after my dad died we decided to have a tree planted there in his honour.

It was nice to go and see it and it was also Saras first time seeing it. I don’t go as much as I probably should, for instance I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a kids play area right by it last time I was there.

From there we started heading home but stopped of at a small craft beer bar we’d been meaning to check out for ages. I had planned to not have a beer until Tuesday, but I figured four weeks was close enough to a month and it would be rude to not have a half. Man it was refreshing to have a nice cold beer.

When we got home we realised it was actually a little later in the afternoon than we’d planned so we had our lunch pretty quick. I still don’t have a full appetite yet but I ate more than I have for the last couple of days combined. I’ll take that progress!

We had tickets to see Lazer Team 2 this evening, Lazer Team (yes the misspelling is intentional) was Rooster Teeth’s first movie and was a crowd funded deal. We both really enjoyed it, not just because we’d contributed to it’s funding but because it’s a really fun, silly, sci-fi comedy.

The sequel was financed by YouTube Red as the first film helped launch that service and was a great success for the platform. It suffers from the classic sophomore album problem, you know, when a band spends years and years working on music and crafting a dozen or so great tracks and then when the album is successful the label turn around and say “cool, now do that again, right now.” I mean sure it has been a few years since the first movie but you could tell that this one didn’t have quite the same amount of polish in the script. We both enjoyed it but were a little critical of certain things as we were leaving the movie theatre. It wasn’t until we were on the way home and we were discussing some the the particulars that we could dig into it a little deeper and extrapolate out some the finer details that it made me think higher of it. This isn’t the sort of movie you want to have to think too deeply about the get the most out of it though. Overall, it’s a fine, fun movie but not as good as the first. Same goes for most comedy sequels though right?

Since getting home we’ve had various NFL games on, the Colts are on a bye week this week and the Cowboys don’t play until 1:30am. Sara is currently laying on my shoulder trying to get herself energised so she can stay up to watch that game. Its a pretty big, important game for them. If I didn’t have work tomorrow I would definitely stay up too, Survivor Series on one screen, Cowboys Eagles on another. That would be a pretty good night, but I’m being sensible and will be going to bed in a bit so I hopefully am feeling better tomorrow.

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