• James Hewlett

Tasty Thai Food Is Tasty

I’m feeling quite a bit better today, hopefully the current flu saga will be wrapping up in the next issue or two, it’s getting a bit long in the tooth now.

I had my appetite back this evening too, so after chilling out a bit and letting the rush hour traffic die down we went into town and got some of our favourite Thai food. We demolished it, clearly we were both ready for a full meal finally. We then went for a little walk around the xmas market in town, it opened really early this year, it’s not even thanksgiving yet people, chill the fuck out.

I felt a little bummed out that my posts have been crap for the last week or so but then I thought to myself, no, this a three and half year project, if I keep it up that should be over twelve hundred posts. If I get one or two really good posts that I’m super proud of a month, that’ll make it over fifty in total at the end. That’s more than enough! I’ve got stuff planned that I’m already excited to write about too and that doesn’t include anything that’s bound to happen in my life over that time so who cares if a bunch of these posts are just fluff.

I always write addressing an audience as that’s just natural to me but I’m really just doing this for myself anyway.

The Gloomhaven shipping box is his new favourite place.

Side note, wrote this post while taking a dump. I’ll leave you with that image. Toodles.

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