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Steam sale

I had a long day at work today immediately followed by a failed ride out to help out Sara, she needed more stuff to carry on decorating the bar but after spending forty five minutes sat in traffic they closed the store just as pulled up. I popped in to see her regardless and had a nice beer. No matter how much fluid I put in me today I cannot get hydrated.

I’m now just laying out on the sofa contemplating having a soak in the bath. I think I might do that when I finish with this. Then play some Battlefront.

Speaking of video games, there is currently a steam sale on so I spent a fair bit of money getting some games I’ve had sat on a wish list. I always make a deal with myself when it comes to those sales that I won’t buy something unless it is 50% off or greater. It’s too easy to go nuts otherwise.

Every time I buy games on steam it makes me want even just a rudimentary gaming rig that I can run through my TV. I am very much a console gamer first and foremost and I don’t have a problem playing stuff on my laptop, but its not designed for that and I don’t really want to clog it up with a ton of games either. Maybe one day I’ll get round to putting something together, it’s not a priority for now.

It is god damn windy outside tonight! I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re down another fence post by the morning. At least its on the side our neighbour takes care of.

Catch you back here tomorrow for thanksgiving!

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