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Rum Ham (hold the rum)

My wife rules. I got home from work today to a delicious smelling house. She had decided that because we hadn’t had our normal thanksgiving dinner last night that we should tonight instead. So for the few hours before I got home she had been in the kitchen slow cooking a ham in an orange juice based glaze with pineapple, cherries and cloves on top. It may sound strange but I promise you, it rocks. On the side we had a sweet potato mash that is made with marshmallow, its super indulgent and tasty.

It was a lovely surprise to come home to and just what I needed.

We watched the first couple of episodes of Runaways during and after dinner, I really enjoyed it but as the original comic run is a favourite I’ve got more to say about it so I’ll save that for a later post.

We also played our next game of Pandemic Legacy, I’ve got to write up the next chapter of that story. The creators of the game read the first couple of posts and apparently really enjoyed them so I really want to put the effort into making that story as good as it can be. Look for it sometime next week.

Right now we’re just chilling out on the sofa relaxing, Sara is playing one of the games we picked up in the steam sale and I’m just writing this post (obviously.) Not sure what tomorrows post will be but I should have a bit more time to put into getting a good one together. I also plan on writing my xmas week posts over the weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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