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Thanksgiving day audibles.

Aaaall by myseeeeelf..... everyone’s gone to smoke leaving me by myself. Sigh.

So we called an audible on thanksgiving this year. Actually, we called a couple of audibles. Our original plan was to meet our friend George in town for a beer and sausage at the xmas market before heading home and watching the thanksgiving day NFL all evening.

George unfortunately had to cancel in the day as his babysitter went sick but Sara and I still fancied our traditional thanksgiving beers in the market so I met her after work for a quick one. She left her car up at work so I drove her back and we decided to pop in and have one there while the Vikings Lions game was on. It wasn’t until then that we noticed on our fantasy league group chat that we’d been invited down to Portsmouth to join a couple of our friends and their gathering at their pub, so we thought fuck it and off we were down thirty miles down the motorway to surprise them.

It ended up being a really fun evening, but confirmed to us that the reverence they hold that place to is only because of the people there all being their friends. The bar itself is pretty shitty. It didn’t stop us having a good time though. By the end of the Cowboys game Sara was gutted and I was shattered, I’d been out and busy since 6:30am and was very ready for bed!

We usually do thanksgiving at home, last couple of years we’ve cooked a lovely dinner and had people over so to go out somewhere for a change was quite nice... but I am looking forward to getting back to normal next year.

This post has gone up later than planned but that’s just because I had no chance to do anything yesterday. Fridays will be a shorter one to get back on track, then hopefully something good on Saturday.

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