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This week saw the debut of Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu, I don’t know where its airing in the UK but I hope it is somewhere and gets the appropriate push.

Runaways was first created in 2003 by writer Brian K Vaughan of Y: The Last Man and Saga fame and by artist Adrian Alphona who is most well known since for is work on Ms Marvel, helping make Kamala Khan one of the most well regarded new characters in years.

The series is a favourite of mine and was a breath of fresh air through out its original run. The six leads all had such unique, distinct and real voices. Much like in TV, there are great teen comics and there are terrible teen comics. You could always tell that Marvel didn’t really know how to market Runaways, at the start it was published under the short lived ‘Tsunami’ imprint, designed to appeal to younger readers and manga fans. It was a bone head move and all it did was put off more old school fans who thought that the books in the imprint weren’t for them. Thankfully the trade paperback sales were high enough to save the book after an early cancellation and BKV and Alphona were able to tell the story they wanted to tell.

A string of talented writers and artists took over the reigns following and the book has been on and off publication ever since but it never reached, at least in my mind, the heights of the initial run.

There has been an adaption of the series in the works in some capacity since 2008 when Marvel Studios first started emerging. I am really glad they’ve taken their time to put work in developing it properly and getting it right. Josh Schwartz is one of the show runners and has a good pedigree when it comes to working on teen based shows that have some credibility having created The OC and Gossip Girl. He has talked about adapting the series for TV since at least his time working on Chuck so he has been fan for quite some time.

The show is not a complete 100% faithful adaption but that is smart, nearly fifteen years has passed since the comic first debuted and kids have changed a lot in that time. The series has been modernised so that everything feels more accurate. A few character changes have been made as well, they have created a deceased sister character that is a major plot point for some of the kids and added a new level of motivation that, knowing where the characters go, will be a really interesting problem for them to get through. I am mostly in favour of all the changes they have made, they should facilitate a long running series.

One thing both the show and the comic have going for them is their connection to the greater Marvel Universe. They take place in the same universe as The Avengers and the rest but these are kids, sure they might be fans of the heroes but their day to day lives aren’t going to be effected by them. This should keep peoples desire for cameos down.

I was happy to see the show stay very much in the LA area, it has a different look from the very New York centred Netflix shows. The La Brea Tar Pits, Griffith Observatory and Venice all play into the story and I look forward to see them being used in the show.

I hope this TV series finds a good audience and people enjoy it and I hope they don’t get scared off of making some of the bold choices the source material took.

If you get a chance to watch it I highly suggest you do.

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