• James Hewlett

Weekend Edition #7

Just a quick Sunday update today, we went for another nice walk in the forest today followed by a delicious roast at one of our favourite pubs that we haven’t been to for a while. From there we swung into the garden centre to get some new decorations for our fish tank, they’re pretty cool and the tank looks much nicer now.

Since then we’ve pretty much just been chilling out playing some of the games we each got on the Steam sale, I’m quite hooked on Stardew Valley.

I did manage to get my first ever MVP in a Battlefront match earlier, just as Sara was leaving for work. I was very proud of myself and that someone was there to witness it.

I’ve been thinking about new years resolutions today, I don’t normally bother with them but as I’ve been planning and writing my xmas week posts I’ve decided to do some this year. I didn’t want to just have standard boring ones either so I’ve got a couple of more interesting ones in the mix. You’ll have to wait until New Years Eve to read all about them though.

Right now the Colts game is about to kick off so I’m out of here, have a good evening everyone.

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