• James Hewlett

Worlds Worst Time Travellers

You ever see that film Primer about the guys who build a time machine in their garage by mistake? I think something similar has happened to us.

It’s the strangest thing but whenever Sara and I are sat comfy and snuggled on the sofa we’ll suddenly jump into the future and have no memory of the time between.

Whatever it is we’re doing I don’t think we can be very good at it as we only ever jump an hour or so into the future, two max.

Alcohol helps but is not essential for a jump, same goes for a blanket. The only thing I can confirm that works is when I’m comfy and Sara is using me as a pillow.

I don’t know how we activate it either, I only ever seem to make it work if it is both of us but Sara claims to have had some success with the neighbours cat too when I’m not around. I’m yet to witness that time jump though so I can’t confirm it.

We might be on the verge of a massive scientific breakthrough here, more research is going to be needed.

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