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Fickle Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a fickle bitch. Sometimes you’re winning when by all rights you should be losing and sometimes you can have an amazing team and score well but still lose.

We’re less than a month out from the end of the season now and baring a miracle I’m definitely out of contention for our championship title. I started out strong winning my first three games, then I suffered a loss but bounced back the following week. That was the last time I won. I have now been beaten by every other team in our league, in a row. It sucks.

We play in a legacy league so that we can trade draft picks for next season to sweeten deals and potentially be on a better footing next year. After my early successes I decided to go all in and trade away some good picks for next year in order to sure up my team and get a couple of superstars. That mostly blew up in my face and has not only cost me this year but has left me scrambling trying to sell off players to get some of my picks back.

As long as I win the next couple of games I’ll be happy enough sitting in the middle of the pack not vying for the winners championship or the losers ‘Ballbag’ trophy.

Sara has had a different kind of season but equally frustrating. She dominated at the start beating everyone without loss but a string of defeats late in the season has made her journey to the playoffs a lot more tumultuous. She should still make it and be in the top four but it is not the sure thing it once was. This week in fact she has slipped to second place for the first time all season as Mitchell, a newcomer to fantasy football, has tied her record and because he has a better head to head record against Sara, has taken her top spot.

She has also missed out on a couple of key trades this year due to people doing deals while she has been at work and unable to put in a better offer in time, things like that have gotten to her, but I think a lot of it has to do with the pressure of being on top.

Despite losing and having it be a frustration for a couple of months now I have loved fantasy football again this year. We had a long running league previously but for reasons I’m not going to get into now that dissolved away throughout last year so when I came time to starting a new one this year we all came in a lot fresher and more raring to go. There are some returning players and some newbies but we’ve all had a lot of fun with it and there has been constant chatter. The last couple of years it has felt like a chore, this year it feels really fun again. I just need to make sure I win next year as the only time I won the old league was in its final year.

Our league this year has been super close, there has only ever been a few wins and losses separating the entire league and almost every game has come down to one or two players and almost always under ten points. The level of parody has been great and kept everything tense and everyone engaged all season.

Playing fantasy football makes watching every NFL game more entertaining. The Colts will always take priority for me, but if there isn’t a specific game I want to watch on any given Sunday I know that there will be some stakes in almost any game I put on. It’s great. For someone like Mitchell, who has been an appreciator of NFL for years but never followed it closely, it really helps broaden his knowledge of at least offensive players across the league to the point where he could go toe to toe in a conversation with most NFL fans now.

We’re considering expanding our league by a couple of people next year, but that is something we’ll be discussing next time we’re all in the same place at the same time. There are people in mind for the slots though.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday evening and that means I need to go have a look at the waiver wire and see if there is any way of improving my team this week. Catch you back here tomorrow.

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