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Family Matters

I have too many people to see and too little time. The list of people I want to see before or around xmas includes but is not limited to;

My mum, I haven’t seen her in ages! She appreciates that we’re all busy people but with everything thats happened with my brother this year I want to see her so she doesn’t start to think I’ve lost the plot too.

My grandma, I don’t see her as often as I should. Its partially for selfish reasons but not malicious. It can be a real downer seeing her sometimes, she’s had it rough, losing my dad then my grandad within a few years sucked and despite that being over fifteen years ago its not something you ever get over, nor should you. She was always a very active person and was a part of lots of clubs so over the last few years where she’s become less and less able to go out and do stuff by herself she’s had to give a lot of that up. She still has friends that come and see her and she lights up whenever my nephew and niece (her great grandchildren) are around. I should go see her soon.

My sister and the kids, another group I should see more. Her two kids are a lot of fun and are always so excited to see Sara and I, its lovely. They live further away that the rest of my family now and are also just as, if not more so, busy as we are so fitting it all in can be tricky. At the latest I’ll see them boxing day, thats my sisters birthday anyway so it all works out.

Our friends George and Trudy and their little one, George works on ships and is away for long stretches at a time so we always try to see them whenever we get the chance. He’s back for a little while now and we had originally planned to hang out last week but life got in the way. Next week we should be able to make that happen.

Sara’s parents, I know Sara and her mum are meeting up just before xmas as they usually do to spend a couple of days together but it would still be nice to see them sometime soon!

Jon, my brother, it’s been a hard year for us but I still miss seeing him. Its all about finding the right time though. Geographically its not hard at all, if I went out my front door and had good aim I could throw a football into his back door. (we’ve tried it before)

We still need time for ourselves though, Sara and I work almost exactly opposite hours for a good portion of the week so when we do get to see each other we cherish that time. Thats what we’ll be doing this evening, we need to pop to the shop to get a few groceries but then we’ll be hanging out on and chilling out. I know some of you would say oh well you should use that time to see some of the people on your list but it’s just as important to spend quality time with each other.

Thats why I’m getting this written and posted now before Sara gets home!

See you tomorrow!

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