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Quick Hits #4

A Friday evening where I’m listening to music, drinking a few strong beers and writing nonsense to no one. This feels more normal than anything else I’ve been doing recently.

I don’t have an agenda with todays post so I’m just going to ramble and see where it takes me. Strap in mother fuckers. I’m already impressed with my skill at typing pretty quick while my laptop shakes a lot because I’m tapping my feet to - at the moment - the punk rock fun of Zebrahead’s Rescue Me. Theres bound to be spelling mistakes through out this post, get over it.

I had a pleasant surprise at work today, it was mostly a busy shitty day but when I got back to unload I was told I’d been allocated two weeks off at the end of January/beginning of February. My company is switching over from April to April holiday allotment to January to January. This means that theres a bunch of us with holiday to take so they’re kind of just fitting it in when they can. Only reason I hadn’t booked it is because I thought I’d already used all my days up. Apparently I hadn’t and I’m not going to argue with a couple of weeks off!

This will be the first time I’ve had off since starting this job over three years ago that I didn’t have a specific plan for. In fact, other than a couple of weeks that I already had booked when we first got together, Sara and I have usually made sure we’ve got the same or similar time off and we’ve done something with that time. She’s now seeing if she’s able to get some of that time off too, if she is I’m sure we’ll find somewhere to go and or something to do!

Me being me, my mind instantly thought, fuck it lets just go to Thailand for a couple of weeks. We’ll see, that seems a little extravagant but hey, you only live once don’t you!

On my way home from work today I was driving past one of the fields with a bunch of cows in it, pretty standard stuff for where I live, I drive past these cows a couple of times at least every day.

Thats why today I was totally shocked because for the first time ever I saw one stroll up behind another, hop up and mount it and start going to town. I have never seen cows fucking before and was completely taken aback. If I hadn’t had a few cars behind me I would have pulled over and taken a picture, it probably would have been way more interesting than what ever shit I’d taken to fill todays quota.

Yes, that is a flying bison looking after our bed, what?!

Since getting home I’ve been and done a pretty sizeable grocery shop, we were going to yesterday but ended up going into town and buying all new bed sheets instead. We got some really nice ones but fuck me that stuff is expensive! £135 later though and it was like sleeping in a fancy hotel bed last night, it was nice.

I also finished off tidying up the house, Sara had done a fair bit before going to work. Ed and Toni are coming down to visit this weekend so we wanted to be a little more presentable and have space for them to crash.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with them. We’ve seen Ed a couple of times this year at the draft and RTX and its always fun but its been over a year since we’ve seen Toni hung out with them as a couple so it’ll be nice to go out and get drinks tomorrow night and then dive into playing Gloomhaven all day on Sunday.

The other night I watched Logan Lucky, it doesn’t warrant a whole post to itself but I enjoyed it. Its a Soderbergh film in the same vain as Ocean’s Eleven. Hell, they even say it in the movie, it is a redneck Ocean’s movie. I like a good heist film and this is exactly that.

Theres a few characters introduced later in the film I thought were a bit unnecessary and don’t really have anything to do but the four leads were all a lot of fun and the side plot in the prison has a couple of great jokes. I would recommend the film as good bit of disposable entertainment.

I started xmas shopping the other day. It’s been really easy this year. Admittedly I don’t buy for many people, just close family really, but I’ve got Sara pretty much sorted. My nephew and niece both want Star Wars toys which I am more than happy to go shopping for. Most other family will be getting a bottle of the wine we still have from the wedding! I can’t believe we still have some left over, its been a year and a half, serves us right for having so much good beer!

Yeah I think that’ll do for a post today. Little bit of everything. See you tomorrow.

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