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Come on down to South Park

For the first time in about seventeen years I’m watching South Park regularly again. I always enjoyed it and would always watch it but after a little while I just kind of stopped keeping up to date with it outside of clips shared online and key points that permeated through the greater culture. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have always been creators I’ve paid attention to though and we both loved going to see Book Of Mormon when it opened in London. We’ll be seeing it again one day when it tours and comes though Southampton.

I think it was The Stick Of Truth that made me want to start watching it again more regularly but it would still take a few years for it to actually happen. That game was fantastic. It was so perfectly in the style of the show, being not just a parody of fantasy and RPG tropes but a great entry into the genre itself.

The next big thing that made both Sara and I realise we should get back into the show after years away was when we just happened to go into a burger joint on Kauai that had pictures of Trey Parker and the owner inside and a shot from the show of the burger place itself. Turns out that it had been featured in the show and that Trey spent a lot of his time living very close by. The next day when we went kayaking up the river our guide actually pointed out his house. That was pretty cool!

Sara and I both used to watch the show and were very familiar with it but had never watched it together until we were in Croatia earlier this year. The first couple of night we were there we just happened to get back to our apartment at just the right time to catch it on TV, they were showing some fairly recent episodes back to back with classic episodes so there was this juxtaposition of watching new stuff we’d only vaguely heard about with the show tearing apart the US Presidential election mixed with older episodes that we had seen but not in many years. We got kind of hooked and ended up making it back to our apartment most nights in time to catch at least part of an episode.

When the new season started a couple of months ago we started adding it to our regular watching schedule and I think its fair to say that we’re both definitely hooked back in. Sara is even playing the new mobile game on a daily basis and while I haven’t picked it up yet, I am looking forward to playing The Fractured But Whole a lot at some point in the new year.

I think that the quality and consistency of South Park will, one day when they’re both over, be the deciding factor in the argument of The Simpsons vs South Park. I concede that the later wouldn’t have a chance in hell at existing without the former, but South Park has adapted, evolved and stayed far more relevant for a longer time now than The Simpsons was able to. That, in my mind, makes it the superior show over all.

I'm showing off a little bit with todays picture... that is the original art of the very first page Brian Lee O'Malley drew of the Scott Pilgrim series. It's one of my most prized possessions. It is hung at the bottom of our stairs. I've got an old picture of my dad tucked into it too.

I wrote this post last night while drinking so if it comes of as rambling, thats why. I’m probably drinking right now too but with other people so its way more socially acceptable. Later.

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