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Weekend Edition #8

Just going to be a quick one today, I’m pretty tired and I’m watching the Colts… the only reason I’m writing this during football is because the Jags defence is pushing our poo in at the moment.

I had a really fun weekend hanging out with Ed & Toni. They arrived yesterday afternoon and we spent an hour or so catching up before Sara got home from work. After that we got our Gloomhaven characters and game all set up and ready to play today and tried to get to grips with some of the rules. There really is just so much to this game, its really overwhelming before you actually sit and start playing. Thankfully its pretty masterfully designed and easy to play once you do get going. The following is a message I sent to my friend Tristan who is also obsessed with the game at the moment, it will probably read like gibberish to almost everyone.

So I was a scoundrel, Sara went mindthief, Ed was the brute and Toni was the spellweaver. First room we struggled though while figuring it all out, by the second room we mostly had it and the living bones in the third room we fucked pretty handedly. Love it! All of us wanted to play more but the other two had a four hour drive to get home so instead of rushing through the second scenario we just spent a bit of time going over it all a bit afterward.

We all want to switch in some of our level x cards already. Ed and I both completed our battle goals (mine fit thematically to loot 5 coins) I got the chest too which opened up a side quest. I think Sara and I are going to have a crack at that ourselves.

Back tracking a little bit to Saturday night, we all liked the idea of going out and getting food and a few beers. We had some really nice Mexican food and then went to Sara’s bar for drinks. After one round though we were all feeling pretty beat and there was a really gross xmas party in sat near us that none of us wanted anything to do with so we ended up heading home and hanging out until we all eventually fell asleep.

It was cool hanging out with them and wish we could more regularly. Thankfully they’re starting to house hunt early next year and are looking to move only about an hour and change away, that makes it way easier to see them and play through the massive campaign in this game.

Thats all I’ve got for this weekend. I can’t believe how few are left in the year! Drunk online shopping is how I’ve done all my xmas shopping so far!

See you tomorrow.

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