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Quick Hits #5

I bought some BitCoin today. Not a whole one, for future me reading this’ reference the price of 1BTC today is about £8500. No, I just put £30 in it and £10 each in the other two largest crypto currencies; Etherium and LiteCoin. The whole BitCoin thing has fascinated me for years but I’ve never really understood it until that last few weeks of listening to podcasts and articles explaining the whole thing. I like it, I think it could be something that continues to gain steam and so I’ve decided to invest a little in it and see what happens. At this point I’m not going to get rich of of a £50 buy in but hey, if I make a little money great. If not, it was worth a punt for the price of a meal out. If anyone is interested in it drop me a message on twitter and I’ll send you my referral code, helps us both out then.

I’ve been putting off writing a lot recently. Once I get going I’m fine and can lose hours stacking up posts but I haven’t had the motivation to write more than my daily update. I hope I get back into the swing of it soon and I really do enjoy doing it when I’m in the thick of it. It’s kind of like working out. You have to force yourself to start at first as it is an extra effort but once you’re in a regular rhythm it becomes a lot easier.

After this I’m going to finish off one or two of the xmas week posts, that should only leave me with one more to write.

I just need some inspiration for future posts.

I heard from my brother today, he messaged me and for the first time in a long time it was really positive. He seems to have turned a corner on the road to getting better mentally. It was really nice to hear. He’s come to a conclusion on his own that I had a while ago; when he was at his worst he was begging people for help and to tell him what he could do to ‘fix himself’ as he was basically giving up and thought he couldn’t do it himself. Of course all of us who care about him did what we could and we tried, I think it’s human nature to try and help. It certainly is in my nature. Everything we would say and do had the best intentions in mind but it was the wrong move and ended up making everything worse.

I came to that conclusion a while back and have distanced myself ever since, its been hard. Thankfully, over the weekend, Jon realised this too, I don’t know how it came to him, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it seems to have come from himself and he has realised that the only person who is going to be able to truly help him, is him. I think he has always known that on some level deep down but resented it and thought that meant that no one else cared or was willing to put the effort in. Now it seems that he’s realised thats not the case.

He’s taken a step back and is looking at things with a new prospective as well, its really great and it made me really happy to see that he was better. Talking to him today felt like old times. We weren’t getting angry at each other and we weren’t forcing conversation to try and make nice, it was just… good. He is still a ways off of being totally ‘better’ and I don’t think he’ll ever be exactly as he was before all this. Our relationship wont be either, but thats fine! Things change, people change, we all grow and evolve all the time. I’m looking forward to hanging out with him for the first time in a long time.

Jon and his new car, he's wanted one of these for years.

That went longer than planned and into more detail than I was originally going to go into, but I think it’s good for me to express all that stuff.

Right, this has turned into a bit of a mixed bag so I’m going to slap a Quick Hits title on it and move on to writing something else. Catch you later Bill & Ted.

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