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Pandemic Legacy - February

We played this game a couple of weeks ago now but I’ve only just got round to writing up the story for it. As always spoilers apply. Enjoy!

This is Vos from Sanctuary with an update for February 2087.

I apologise for the informality to this update, I’m being forced to write it on the move as I haven’t had a chance for any down time at all this month… it doesn’t look like I’m going to get any any time soon either.

Orin and I set out again this month, according to the others in our little leadership council the populations are looking at us like we’re some kind of saviours because of our discoveries last month. I honestly haven’t been home long enough recently to notice any change. All I noticed was a decreasing store house and no a lot being done to replenish it. I hope we find the Haven leaders, the real leaders, soon. This burden is taking its toll on me.

There has been a lot of chatter recently about an increased movement of Hollow Men heading south, mostly on the American continent. While I was digging through the archives I found a memo, it was dated nearly thirty years ago and talks about ‘frontier havens’ being lost to the Hollow Men. There has never been a recorded breach at any of the three havens so either the older folks are all great at keeping secrets or there are potentially other havens out there! We need to be keeping an eye out for them but approach cautiously if we do come across one. Maybe thats how the Hollow Men are able to strike so fast, they’re using outriggers from havens just like us. In the mean time we should focus on finding a way of securing and fortifying our supply centres so that once built our hard work can’t be undone so easily.

London called for aid, they were in a bad way, I did what I could to help them but I knew in the back of my mind that it wasn’t going to be enough. The people I saw were grateful but there was still desperation in their eyes. Orin made his way through Acre and was able to keep the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cities supplied for quite some time.

Once I left the former United Kingdom I traveled back across the ocean we call home to North America. Orin had told me so much about Chicago that I felt the need to see it for myself, but by the time I got there I decided to just keep going. I made it all the way to the mountains and was pleased to find a small population still living in Denver.

I spent too long looking around and giving the people a report on the state of things, they’re happy to open a supply line with Chicago but while I was there Orin was in Jacksonville trying to deal with a crisis.

There was an epidemic and a lot of people were infected in a really short period of time, the kid was trying to help young married couple get out of the city when the woman started vomiting all over him. He was definitely exposed to the plague but thankfully he isn’t showing any symptoms himself. I think it was a gut check for him more than anything. Until now he’s been confident and brash, Malax thinks he’s being reckless.

I was making my back towards the coast when New York was hit with the plague as well. Flyx gave the order… I’m not proud of what we did but it worked. New York and Jacksonville were plague free within forty eight hours. If there is a god, I hope he can forgive us.

Orin and I decided to meet up in Sao Paulo and hopefully get the jump on the Hollow Men for a change. After hearing about his narrow escape in Florida and my tales from Mile High we constructed a supply centre and I headed back to Orin’s haven to see if I could use some of there supplies to help New York which despite out earlier efforts had another outbreak of the plague.

Meanwhile the kid did what he does best and ventured into the unknown. South America is still there it would seem and the people living in Buenos Aires have agreed to choice our expanding supply grid. They didn’t have any specifics to tell Orin, but there was a lot of talk about labs while he was down there. Maybe thats why the Hollow Men have been heading in that direction? The question now is are they looking for a cure like us or are they trying to destroy whatever research might still be in these labs? Either way we need to make sure we find them before they do!

Things escalated quickly in the last few days. We haven’t been able to do anything about it.

There was a massive epidemic in Cairo, it would seem the supplies Orin left there weren’t enough. They experienced a widespread outbreak of the plague, instead of quarantining the sick it was the healthy who were locking themselves away. The same began to happen in New York as the infection spread too easily without any support coming from the havens. And just yesterday a report came in from London that the sickness had even reached them there.

We have failed in our duty to protect these people. We were too preoccupied with exploring that we neglected the cities in need for too long and the people of London, Cairo and New York are now paying because of it.

We will keep going. We will do better. We have to.

Orin and I were able to create a more permanent solution to our supply centre problem while we were in Sao Paulo at least. I think with the correct implementation we should be able to make them a lot harder for the Hollow Men to tear down, I think I’m getting a hang of this architecture thing, maybe one day I’ll build myself a place on the main land. Most of the refugees from New York went to Oasis but they started running out of beds and so the kind people in Sao Paulo offered to take them in. Hopefully the increased population down there will provide them with a bit more protection. Tripoli did the same for a handful of families who left Cairo before things got really bad. There is still hope in humanity.

I have spent too long writing this. I need to get back to helping people. I’m hoping that these last weeks of the month are better than the first.

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