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It's beginning to... you know the rest.

Just a short update today, Sara and I are having a nice relaxed evening catching up on some TV and whatnot. The Crisis On Earth X crossover of all the CW DC shows is really good! I can only assume its a better Justice League movie than Justice League.

Speaking of movies, this time next week I’ll have seen The Last Jedi! I might have to go on a blackout of all Star Wars news until then, this close to the mark there are bound to be legit spoilers out there.

We put up our Christmas tree the other night! We decided this year to buy all new decorations for the first time since we’ve been together. They look really nice, but after putting them all up we have decided that it is a retirement run for the tree. Sara has had it for about ten years and it has definitely lost some of its strength. Maybe we’ll go for a real one next year, maybe not though?

Thats going to do it for today, as I said, just a short update. See you tomorrow.

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