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Something From Nothing

So I’ve got nothing. I have all the desire in the world to write tonight but I just don’t have anything to say… I’ve been pounding back beers like I’m Stone Cold Steve Austin in hopes that something will come to me but it just isn’t. I might just abandon todays post and write one or two of the blogs I’ve got planned for specific times down the road.

Or I could just ramble on about some other bullshit until I feel like I’ve written a respectable amount. Fuck it, I’ll do that for a while and see what happens. Thats what six cans of Punk IPA will do for you!

That’s as good a jumping off point as any. My ID card for being a Brewdog ‘Equity For Punks’ investor came though a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think I’ve shared that yet. Its pretty cool having a personalised discount card for a bar I really like in town. I’ve made used of it only a couple of times so far but I plan to more.

Southampton's off licences, the really good ones that sell a lot of good craft beers have been attacked a lot recently. Last time I checked there had been nine robberies in the past month. It really sucks. Most of the time they’ve not been going for money either, just stock. My friend Allan’s place of business was also attacked, its the same two guys every time, they walked in and cracked him over the head with a glass bottle flooring him instantly. Al is a fighter, in all the years I’ve known him he has never started a fight but if someone goes for him he has no problem finishing it. So when this happened his reflexed kicked in and he got back up and grabbed one of the guys. Thats when the other one smashed him over the head again putting him back on the ground where they proceeded to put a few boots to him before getting out of there. It really shook Al, he’s not taken a beating like that ever I don’t think. I’ve known him for about a decade and I’ve never known him to go through anything like that. I spoke to him after and he was okay physically but was really shaken by the whole thing. It made him realise he’s not in his early twenties any more and not in the best shape of his life. He was scared to leave the house for a few days even for fear of being spotted by the guys who are still at large. That really fucking sucks. No one should have to go through that shit. I hope the scum bags are caught soon. I personally know too many people and places that have been affected by them.

So my bitcoin investments have been working out! So much so that when it took a bit of a dip in price today I invested more. At the rate it’s been going I could potentially make a decent return in a short amount of time. I want to just leave it and see where it’s at in a couple of years but I can’t stop looking at the prices. It’s really addictive.

Sara and I are off to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park tomorrow. We went a few years ago and really enjoyed it but we were also doing something else that day so were kind of limited on time. This year we plan on making a whole day of it. That is if Sara’s back is feeling okay, she hurt it while doing some chalk boards for work the other day and it has been causing her more pain than she has had in a while since. It shows that no matter how well she has recovered and is still working on rehabilitating it, it will always be a problem on some level.

All the talk about stuff going on in town made me think of something that came up last weekend. Ed & Toni are looking to move to somewhere near Oxford in the new year and were asking if we would ever consider leaving Southampton. For years it was never something I really thought about. Sure I would love to leave this country all together, but if I was going to be here then I would probably be in Southampton. I have had lots of justifications over the years but recently they seem less and less relevant even to me.

It’s where my family all our: not so much anymore they’re all spread around the outskirts on all different sides and the only one who is still physically close is my brother who I don’t really hang out with as much anymore anyway.

It’s conveniently close to everywhere: this is still true, we’re equal distance from pretty much everywhere on the south coast. We are a major city with all the transport connections possible. Literally everything apart from space travel. But does that really matter? It’s England, you really have to try hard to be more than an hour or two away from major connections to wherever.

It’s where all my friends are: honestly, I don’t have a wide array of friends and though a lot of them are in Southampton, I barely see most of them as is. They either don’t want to do the same stuff as I do or are busy with their own lives. I get that and do not resent anyone for it. We do have a couple of friends we see regularly that it would be hard to leave though.

I love living near the water: still true. I have been on the coast my whole life, I don’t know what it’s like to live in land long term. The idea of it does weirdly freak me out. But it’s not like I go to the beach all the time or anything. It’s just a feeling I’ve always had.

I know Sara has never liked it in Southampton and was already one foot out when I happened, she loves where we live at the moment outside of town, we both do, but she wouldn’t hesitate at leaving for somewhere else if it came up. There really isn’t much of anything in Southampton, it is a city with so much potential but not a lot to show for it. I saw a funny thing posted to the local newspapers website the other day listing all the reasons a tourist would visit our neighbouring cities and then for Southampton the best they could come up with was student flats. It’s pretty accurate.

I think if we could afford to buy somewhere nice in Bournemouth I would be totally down with that. We both really like it there. It’s close enough to where we are currently that it wouldn’t feel alien. We both know Bournemouth well enough already, me having lived less than forty miles away my whole life and Sara living there for years through and post Uni. The problem is that is so expensive.

I don’t know, we like a few places, Sara’s family are all near York and that is a cool city, I just don’t know if I could deal with living that far north. Oxford is awesome too but is also really expensive. The big thing for me is that I’m not as connected to my city as I once was, I would be willing to move to the right place under the right circumstances, only time will tell.

Wow, thats what you call making something out of nothing. And THAT is what you call coming up with a title for a blog post. HA! It only took six beers and a wandering mind. Take that writers block.

As I said, we’re going to be busy tomorrow to the post might be up later that normal. Get over it.

Also if you’ve been enjoying any of this shit maybe share it around. Tell people about it. All that. Peace.

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