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Quick Hits #6

Last night I said that I wasn’t excited to watch the Colts game, well as Sara stuck around at work longer than planned to help set up for a big xmas party I watched most of my game instead. What a game! Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing from either team that is worth writing about but the fact that they played in a literal blizzard is just amazing! There was ten to twelve inches of snow on the ground by the end of the game and the broadcast could only use a limited number of cameras as the wind and snow was so strong that from most angles you couldn’t see shit.

There was something stupid like only three completed passes from both teams combined in the first half. I’m pretty sure the snow was responsible for more tackles on Frank Gore than any member of the Bills.

According to a lot of news outlets in Buffalo it was the worst conditions in recorded history. I’m not even sad that we lost, it was just fun to see the players fucking around in the snow.

Sara and I finally had time and energy to cut my hair this evening, not that there is much effort required on my part but sometimes you just can’t be assed. I feel so much lighter! I’m probably going to freeze my ears off tomorrow…

There was a traffic jam on the motorway this morning that really annoyed me. I saw the signs saying ‘Car Stranded In Road’ and my initial thought was, ah that sucks for that person hope they’re alright, but then as I was going around the asshole in the BMW stopped in the fast lane causing three mile tailbacks I saw him refilling his tank from a jerry can. Don’t get on the motorway if you’re close to running out of fuel! Don’t get out into the fast lane, at least stay over so that if you do start to chug out because you haven’t made it to the petrol station you can pull onto the shoulder out of everyone else way!

I’ll see you tomorrow!

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