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The Hype Train

All abord!

In about forty eight hours I’ll be leaving my first viewing of Star Wars The Last Jedi.

Until today I’ve done very well at not getting overly hyped up about the new film, no more so than my usual level of hype for anything Star Wars related at least. I of course watched the trailers multiple times and didn’t shy away from news articles or interviews or set images, but I didn’t go actively looking for spoilers for this one like I did with The Force Awakens.

I think I did that in 2014/2015 as I needed to know if it was going to be good. We all hoped and I suspected it would be, but I needed some reassurance so that if it was looking like it might suck I’d be able to temper expectations.

This time around I was confident from the outset. I’ve loved all of director Rian Johnson’s films up to now and I really loved The Force Awakens so for him to be following that I was sure it would be good. Thats why when the TV spots started coming thick and fast a month ago I stopped hunting them all down, I can wait and see the whole thing soon enough.

Well soon enough now can’t come soon enough. Maybe its because the world premiere was at the weekend and I’m insanely jealous that people have seen it, maybe it’s because the review embargo just broke and it is getting overwhelmingly positive reviews or maybe it is just because I can’t go on reddit at the moment for fear of being spoilt by the massive amount of leaks that seem to be out there. Or maybe it is simply because I’m less than two days out!

At this point, having read a couple of spoiler free reviews, I’m looking forward to having my expectations turned on their head. I have a picture in my mind of the structure of the film and how it will play out based on the marketing and my, usually annoyingly accurate, analytical mind for story telling. However every single review I’ve read so far has mentioned right up front how the film goes in surprising directions that they had not seen coming. I can’t wait.

Obviously Thursdays blog post will be my initial reactions from seeing the film. It will be going up fairly late, after I’ve got home and had a short while to digest but I’ll stress right now that what I right on Thursday will be gut reactions. Sara and I used to record our discussions from the car ride home after a movie and we may do that again after this one, if we do I’ll post that along side my write up. I may do a more in-depth review down the line after a second or third viewing, we’ll see.

I'm sat upstairs in our improvised studio room today as Sara is screen printing while I write.

I was totally planning on writing a different post today, but the hype train has left the station and there was no holding it back. Choo Choo.

This armchair is really comfy, I should write up here more often.

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