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Quick Hits #7

Yesterdays planned post is being pushed to Friday. Its not timely so it doesn’t really matter.

The reason I’m pushing it is because I want to spend some time writing something good for it and tonight I’m just going to ramble off some bits and bobs about my day.

Work was a ball ache today, I was running behind all day due to no fault of my own. I still managed to finish at my usual time but only by sacrificing my break. After work I wanted to go.. no, wanted is not the word to use, I needed to go into town and had enough time before shops closed so I figured it was as good a time as ever. It was the first and only time I had to go into the world for any xmas shopping this year and it was pretty much just for stocking filler bits and bobs. I can safely say that Sara’s stock is stuffed! I picked up a few other bits that were obviously too big for a stocking but were silly bits to add to under the tree. It’s looking healthy under there now! If Mitchell and Emma decide to bring their stuff round too then it will be packed.

As I was heading out I got a message from Sara saying that our friend George was in the pub and looking for me. I think he must think I’m some kind of alcoholic as it was not even five o’clock when I first got the message! I said I’d head up there as soon as I was done in town and we were able to have an all too brief catch up before he was heading off to the soccer game. It was awesome to hear that Trudy, his wife, is pregnant with their second kiddo though! We kind of suspected that that might be the case but yeah, their little family is soon to be not so little! I love George to bits, he is clearly freaking out, I think he’s only just getting to grips with being a father of one!

Just as I was about to head out I was tapped on the shoulder by some one and asked if I was James Hewlett, I’d had a beer so I said “Yeah, thats me.” And in the second before he introduced himself my mind was thinking, ‘this guy looks familiar but I can’t place it hmm it must be someone I dj’d too,’ but then he said who he want and I instantly recognised him as a guy I went to school with. We were never super tight at school but we were always friendly enough to each other and he was always a nice guy. He is now exactly how I would picture that kid growing up to be. We had a quick chat and catch up, it seemed crazy to me when he said that it had been fourteen years since school and the last time we’d ran into each other. Thats a little less than half my life time ago. Really does make you realise that those years really are a blip in the grand scheme of things.

I mentioned to him that when I was DJing in town I would fairly regularly get people coming and telling me who they are and that they knew me and more often than not I would have no recollection of them what so ever. This could be attributed to a couple of things; I smoked a lot of weed my last couple of years at school and those people had absolutely zero impact on me or my life. I did remember Grant though and he seems like a nice guy now. If I ran into him again I’d happily grab a beer with him.

When I finally got home I threw on The Walking Dead (that was a departure from the source material!) and wrapped up all the stuff I had just bought. As soon as I finished that I started writing this as I knew if I didn’t I would lose all my motivation and probably fall asleep. Now that this is all finished though I can do that guilt free!

As I said yesterday, tomorrows post will be up late and will be all my gut reactions to The Last Jedi. There will be spoilers so don’t read it until after you’ve seen the film. See you then!

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