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The Last Jedi

These are your first steps. This is not going to go how you expect it.

This is my brain fart gut reactions to the film I just got home from seeing.

You know how big of a Star Wars fan I am and I am not going to go back over any of that now. In fact, this whole paragraph was written yesterday so that when I open this document up to write I can just go, I don’t even know what format it will take if any.

Final warning for spoilers. Get the fuck out if you haven’t seen the movie yet. I don’t care if you usually don’t mind spoilers. Please go and see this one without ruining anything before hand. And now take it away future me…

Did Finn take Han’s shirt!? Yup, that was my first thought. I guess it makes sense, he just accumulates clothes from people he hangs out with and they probably unloaded some of that stuff from the Falcon before they left.

Poe’s opening scene attack was so great for an X-Wing junkie like me. I loved it. His comedy bit with Hux was good too, The Force Awakens sets up that he can be a smart ass to all powerful big bads and so when he sort of has a tactical advantage why wouldn’t he be doing that? It also set up the film to be funny, which it is throughout.

The books or something on the Falcon that we see at the end when Finn is rummaging, it felt like the shot lingered on them. Are they Jedi texts? That is what Sara thought. I wasn’t even sure they were books, I was more guessing that they’ll be a prop we see in the Solo film next year. Not something important, just a little thing similar to how the compass Luke has first appeared in Battlefront 2.

Rey’s parents are no one and that is a fantastic choice. I am so glad that they went that way. It plays into the everyman feel of Luke in A New Hope, you don’t need to be someone special to be a hero. She is strong with the force, extremely strong, but doesn’t need to have a connected lineage. I really like that despite this Kylo feels strongly for her.

Snoke is a joke. Obviously he was a very big deal and I look forward to finding out more about him in ancillary materials but yeah, taken out pretty damn quick! In a very cool way though, he narrated his own death like a champ. The fight after was awesome, seeing Ben and Rey fighting together against the guards, who I was sure were just going to be set dressing going in.

It really did feel like Rey had pulled Ben back during all that, it made his actions after feel more heartbreaking as he was clearly still conflicted but now feels like he’s been betrayed again.

Lots of force projections, that was new! I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first but then I loved all the communications between Rey and Ben. When it was revealed to be Snoke behind it I was more okay with it, he is a super powerful force user.

When Luke does it later, on a grander scale so everyone can see him, it clearly takes everything out of him. He’s only just opened himself back up and then he does some of the most powerful shit we’ve seen. Having that drain him to a point that he then becomes one with the force, I was okay with it. I don’t think it’s the last we’ve seen of Mark Hamill either, I bet Rey speaks with force ghost Luke in IX.

Canto Bight kid at the end, what the fuck!? Force user obviously and I guess will be someone that Rey or Kylo eventually trains. Well not necessarily him but just showing that there are more young force users out there, like Rey was.

Liea as a force user is great… but maybe not like that. Her pulling herself back on to the bridge was kind of dumb looking. Especially after a really touching moment of Kylo almost being the one to pull the trigger only to not and then the TIE’s doing it. I was expecting him to blast them.

Loved the scene between Luke and Liea, it was really touching. As it was filmed I guess it was meant to be him saying “you live on, I’m outta here.” But with Carrie’s death it took on a whole new feel and was really really nice. Luke and R2 having a moment on the Falcon was good too.

I suspected something funky was going on at the end when Luke appeared, they had just established the blast doors were the only way in and he was using the Anakin saber after we’d seen it ribbed in half.

Yoda! Fucking Yoda is in the movie and was an amazing surprise. It was mischievous Yoda from Empire too, great fun and poignant for Luke. I’m glad they went that route instead of Ewan-Wan, that was never Luke’s Ben Kenobi.

Poe has way more character development than I was expecting. He starts out as the same hotshot, blow shit up pilot we saw before but evolves into a leader who realises that sacrificing yourself isn’t always the best course of action. He should be leading the Resistance in IX.

The creatures were all really cool designs and used just enough, though the Canto Bight plot felt a little too prequel-esque. The casino floor felt weirdly small to me too, might just be something to do with the set design. I liked seeing the Dubrovnik streets though and going “ooh I’ve been there.”

The entire plot actually ended up being pretty redundant as well thinking about it, it ended up just being a reason to get Finn and Phasma in the same place at for their fight.

Rose was a nice new addition, her sisters death at the beginning gave her realistic motivation and her development with Finn was cute, both characters are kind of out of their depths at all times.

Poor Gwendoline Christie still has fuck all to do, and that is absolutely fine. Boba Fett is a character the fans made into a bigger deal than he ever should have been and she was this trilogies equivalent. At least she gets a decent death unlike Boba Fett.

Half the movie felt like it was similar Empire, all the training bits and bobs, the rebels on the run… The other half felt more like Jedi, confronting the big bad in the throne room, hero trying to fight through the bad guys conflict and so on. Thats not to say that the film felt like it was just remaking either of those. It was wholly it’s own thing.

Finn conveniently knows his way around Snoke’s ship as well as Starkiller… I can easily justify that kind of thing with fan logic but it is kind of like dues ex Finn.

Porgs! They were used just enough to be fun and not annoying and the scene with Chewie eating one was brilliant. By the time the Falcon gets to Crait it is as if he’s still not too fond of them but he’s just dealing with it.

Chewie kicking in Luke’s door and being all like “OI! Skywalker! What the fuck are you doing? Get off your hobo ass.” Was great and Luke’s reaction to realising Han must be dead was sad.

The fact that Luke had disconnected himself from the force explains why he hasn’t been feeling all the death that has just been happening. Otherwise Starkiller blowing five worlds and Han’s death shortly after would have probably made him off himself.

Seeing his X-Wing in the water was super cool. I wonder if thats where his lightsaber is.

Three versions of Luke and Ben at the temple. I loved that we got three perspectives, first from outside with no lightsaber glow. Lie. Second from Ben’s perspective where he opens his eyes to see his uncle with a lit lightsaber and a crazed look of murder. Partial lie. Finally we get the presumed truth from Luke’s perspective where he did light it up but only for a moment before realising what a mistake it was and that he was giving into his own fears and as he said, it left if him with shame and regret. Unfortunately Kylo only saw that as a betrayal and reacted rashly albeit no totally unjustly.

Ben then left with some apprentices and murdered the rest. I guess they are the Knights of Ren then? Where they at now? I’d presume we will see them in the next one as henchmen. Hopefully we get their stories in other media.

Holdo playing coy wasn’t necessary but taught Poe the lesson he needed and the Liea was trying to teach him. Her sacrifice was nice and fucking bad ass looking! If they had wanted a clean way of writing out Carrie switching those characters would have worked easily. Glad they didn’t though or we wouldn’t have had the Luke/Liea scene.

The Falcon dice being used as a nice character moment that didn’t need to be explained and I’m glad a film maker like Rian Johnson was at the helm and gives the audience enough credit to understand it. Also, I want those dice for my car.

The dark side cave that was calling to Rey was weird. It was a cool visual and very different from anything we’ve seen before in Star Wars but I need to see the scene again before I decide if I really liked it or not.

There was so many beautiful shots. It was the best looking Star Wars movie ever, by quite a margin I think.

The score didn’t stand out, but then on first watch it didn’t during TFA either so I’m sure once I’ve listened to it more I’ll appreciate it more.

The brotherly bickering and snide looks and stuff between Kylo and Hux was brilliant. It had a real feel of one-upmanship and who is daddy’s favourite.

The constant threat and pursuit of the rebel fleet reminded me of the good parts of Battlestar. It was really good.

Character service moments were a little obvious, almost felt like apologies from things in TFA, ones that stand out are having Phasma repeat the “traitor” line and fight Finn, something that should have happened on Takodana and then having Chewie and Liea embrace at the end, again should have been a moment after Han’s death. Poe actually introducing himself to Rey was there too. If there is going to be a romantic connection I’m down with it being those two. Hell, dig into the comics, Poe’s mother was friends with Luke.

This film felt like it could be final. It didn’t really have a cliff hanger ending. Kylo will have to be the main threat in IX and I think there will be a time jump this time but I have no idea where the story is going and that is exciting.

Theres so much more I could dig into. Expect either another one of these mind dump posts or a proper written review next week. Sara’s away this weekend so I might go see it again on Saturday.


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